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Alcohol and health: how much you can drink without harm to the body?

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published in the American medical journal, the Lancet, compiled data on 28 million people from 195 countries at the age from 15 to 95 years.

The results showed that just one drink a day increases the risk of 23 diseases, alcohol-related, 0.5%. With each new dose, the risk increases.

Previous studies have shown that one serving of alcohol for women (two for men) protects against a heart attack, but still the potential danger overrides the benefits. Study leader, Dr. Max Griswold from the University of Washington, said: “the Previously identified protective effect of alcohol in certain conditions, but we found that the overall health risks associated with alcohol, increase in any quantity. Proven a direct link between alcohol consumption and risk of cancer, trauma and infectious diseases, which negates the protection from coronary heart disease in women.”

Incidentally, alcohol has become the seventh factor in the list of causes of death worldwide. In the age group 15-49 years, he ranks first among risk factors, as a cause of death in 3.8% of women and 12.2% men.

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