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Agility: an effective set of exercises

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Agility: an effective set of exercises

The contents

  • Agility in sports and fitness
  • The complex of exercises for development of dexterity
  • Other exercises and sports for the development of dexterity

To be nimble means able to move quickly and in a coordinated manner, the optimal way of reacting to changing external conditions. A clever man is capable of efficiently and quickly to solve any musculoskeletal problem. Like any physical quality, agility can be improved with special exercises.

Agility in sports and fitness

Dexterity is a complex motor quality. It integrates the accuracy and speed of movements, speed of reaction, sense of balance, flexibility, coordination. And not so important to learn how to achieve the limit values of these qualities, as to be able to show them dosed. In other words, for successful solving of motor tasks need to be able at each particular moment of time to develop the desired movement amplitude, direction and strength. It is important to learn to coordinate their movements, quickly and promptly move from one movement to another. The basis for these abilities lies a well-functioning nervous system and muscles.

Although dexterity and is considered to be an innate quality, it does not mean that it is not amenable to training. When a person develops reaction speed or coordination of movements, he thus improves and agility. Dexterity depends on the experience. The greater the variety of exercises on speed and reaction is, the richer it becomes a physical experience, and the more accurate it can predict the course of events. His reaction to external stimuli becomes very fast. A clever man is able to react on a change of scenery — sometimes even before this change happened.

Agility is an important quality for people interested in sport and fitness. In order to achieve success in Boxing, gymnastics, martial arts and team sports need to purposefully develop their skill. But, on the other hand, all of these sports and many other sports and fitness themselves perfectly develop coordination, precision and speed of movements. Consider the main types of exercise that are used for the development of dexterity.

The complex of exercises for development of dexterity

Anyone who wants to improve your skill, you may use the following set of exercises:

  • Simultaneous management of two balls (straight, high knee lifts).
  • Jumping over the bench with hitting the ball against the wall.
  • Dribbling and performing jumping jacks is rotated 90 degrees.
  • Somersaults without the ball and with the ball: throw the ball, do a cartwheel, catch the ball.
  • To stand face to the wall, lift the leg. Throw the ball against the wall and catch it with two hands. In the process of exercise stared at the ball.
  • To allow the ball to roll in a straight line and jump through him. Jumps can be made on two legs and on one.
  • Alternate jumping from one foot to the other: standing on one leg, jump up and land on the other leg.
  • Jumping from side to side. To put the foot close to each other, to stand up straight. Keeping your feet together in the fastest possible pace to jump from right to left. Hand drop down or folded and placed near the chest.
  • To balance on one leg for a minute. Hands spread to the sides. The head to rotate left and right. Do not hold the view of the surrounding items so it’s easier to maintain balance. Further to complicate the task, practice with your eyes closed.
  • Throw a tennis ball and catch it. First, to perform a series of reps right arm, then left. A slightly more complex variant: to throw the ball with one hand to catch the other.
  • Push UPS with a clap: get in push-up position, when lifting the body to powerfully push off, to tear his hands from the floor, clap your hands.

A set of exercises with a partner:

  • To sit on his haunches, turning to face partner. Raise the arms to connect the hands with the palms of the partner. Sharply to repel each other, to regroup, to fall back, roll back. To return to the starting position. Repeat a few times.
  • Moving hands, roll ahead of the ball. Feet held by the partner.
  • One person jumps, the other rotates under his feet twice folded rope. Rotate the rope should suddenly and at different rates. You can also scroll through the rope overhead, forcing the athlete performing the drill not only jump, but to duck.

Other exercises and sports for the development of dexterity

For the development of dexterity are best suited for such sports as gymnastics, Boxing, tennis, football, volleyball, basketball. In addition, it is helpful to water skiing, playing ping-pong and badminton, to practice martial arts. Develops agility, steeplechase, street fitness (street workout, parkour), skiing and roller skating. To improve the coordination of movements help the jumping rope. Jumping should be varied: on two legs, on one, with crossing arms, double scroll, with the rotation of the rope in the opposite direction, etc.

Coordination can be significantly improved taking up juggling. To develop a sense of balance, it is recommended to walk on curbs, rails and logs. Agility can be developed even while traveling in public transport. You need to let go of the handrails and try to keep his balance only with legs. Effective fitness on the trampoline. Preferably not just jump, and perform various figures. Need to move from simple to complex. First, you can simply alternate the different ways of falling on your knees, on your back, on your stomach. Then learn a simple exercise: stretch your legs forward and reach for your toes, to dissolve and reduce legs, etc. and finally, you need to learn how to do all sorts of somersaults and flips.

In terms of development agility is useful in almost any sport. All motor skills, if they ever worked out and fixed, raise the General level of skill. But it is especially useful to develop different (heterogeneous) motor skills. For this you need to practice different kinds of sports and regularly update your set of exercises used to train agility and reaction speed.

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