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Aerobics for weight loss: the foundations and rules of fitness for beginners

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Aerobics for weight loss: the foundations and rules of fitness for beginners
The contents

  • A bit of history
  • As aerobics became a sports fitness
  • Benefits of aerobics
  • Aerobics fitness slimming
  • Basic rules of women’s fitness
  • The types of aerobics

Aerobics is a form of fitness, which is a complex of aerobic exercise that is usually performed to the energetic music in an intense pace for quite a long time. Typically, training is held in groups at a high emotional rise, thereby increasing the effectiveness of lessons aimed at strengthening cardiovascular system, improving lung function, develop endurance and muscle strength.

A bit of history

Feature aerobic fitness is its ability to encourage active consumption of oxygen by the body. To solve sport problems help specially designed exercises. They are not as intense as in power kinds of sports, but more prolonged in time and is able to put a load on most muscle groups of the body.

For the first time the world started talking about aerobics in 1968, when Kenneth Cooper published a book of the same name. It told about the benefits of aerobics, and was given examples of exercises available to perform any physical training. So fitness has taken a liking to many fans of gymnastics, which did not seek to achieve any particular results and worked on improving their figure and overall health.

With books Cooper started the craze for aerobics. Subsequently, based on it Jackie, Sorens has developed a series of dances that make up the main complex of aerobic exercise. With their help, we solved the tasks of strengthening the heart and blood vessels, improve the tone of muscles and their strength and endurance. Thus was born dance aerobics, which later grew several varieties of women’s fitness.

As aerobics became a sports fitness

The first time aerobics was the pure Wellness fitness. But its popularity has grown so much that required alternative implementations in completely new ways. In 1983, the brothers Schwartz has developed a set of exercises, called sport aerobics.

The following year was organized the first national championship of the USA in this sport. And I participated in it, both women and men, and mixed pairs. In the next decade, fitness has been so active that in 1996, aerobics has become one of the most popular gymnastic disciplines.

Benefits of aerobics

The direction is widespread, thanks to the exercises of aerobic character, which perfectly develop lungs and cardiovascular system. Adaptation to such stress has a positive effect on the entire body of an athlete:

  • reduces the risk of diabetes and other serious diseases;
  • allows you to control the weight;
  • reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • promotes the active oxygen supply to the brain;
  • improves elasticity of muscle tissue, increases its volume;
  • stabilizes emotional background, improves sleep, helps to deal with stress;
  • mitigates the negative manifestations of chronic diseases;
  • reduces inflated blood pressure;
  • contributes to the accumulation of vital energy.

Aerobics fitness slimming

To get rid of excess weight, people use different ways: diet, dietary Supplements, fasting, and diuretics. But all this is extreme and not always the best options to enhance fat burning by the body. Much more efficient to use to solve this problem, any fitness for weight loss — for example, a direction such as aerobics.

Aerobics allows, without overloading the body, to intensify the work of almost all muscle groups, and the active oxygen intake while speeds up metabolism, which promotes natural weight loss.

But to use the gym for weight loss effectively, you must engage on a regular basis. The duration of one training session should be at least 40-60 minutes. That’s how much time you need to spend all energy is reserved for muscle by burning fat.

Basic rules of women’s fitness

Aerobics is mainly women’s fitness. Of course, doing sports aerobics and men. But today we’re talking about mass fitness, aimed solely at health and Wellness goals. And that aerobics are most popular among girls and women seeking to make your figure slim and beautiful. To get from training a significant result, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • those who have decided fitness to fight obesity, you first need to improve your health and physical preparation, and then proceed to the active target exercises to reduce weight;
  • for those who wants to get a positive result, recommended drastic changes in diet: it needs to exclude high calorie and harmful to figure products;
  • you should train in the group appropriate to your physical fitness and load to increase gradually;
  • during training you should drink enough water: it helps to improve metabolism and to detoxify the body.

By following these simple rules, you can for a short time to achieve visible results.

The types of aerobics

Variations of aerobics are many. Beginners can advise the fitness of these types:

  • Step aerobics.

This is the most effective and simple women’s fitness, which can be practiced alone or in group.

  • The spinning classes.

The use of a stationary bike allows you to get good aerobic exercise. For a standard exercise for 45 minutes can burn up to 500 calories. So spinning is a great fitness slimming.

  • Exercises with a rope.

The hops give a good aerobic exercise to the entire body. Exercises with a rope strengthen muscles, eliminate cellulite, improve stamina.

  • The aerobics.

While in the water and allow to additionally load the muscles without risk of injury of joints, overloading or pulling cords. Aerobics exercises performed in a pool, strengthen immunity, enhance resistance to stress, promote weight loss and overall improvement of the body.

Aerobics will make your body obedient, flexible, tough and slender. In order to achieve a stable result, you must exercise at least 3 times a week for 45-60 minutes.

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