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Aerobics for beginners: basic movements and basic exercises

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Aerobics for beginners: basic movements and basic exercises
The contents

  • Aerobics fitness music
  • Species diversity of aerobics
  • Training with steamy
  • Basic steps and aerobics exercises

Only from aerobics, many girls feel embarrassed because of ignorance of the movements, their hesitation and clumsiness. That is why it is much easier to learn the basic steps at home and come to the training already prepared. To do this, find upbeat music and using the following set of exercises, to practice their technique on their own.

Aerobics fitness music

Aerobics is a form of exercise, in which all exercises are performed to the beat of the music. In the course of training may be repeatedly performed one simple movement or a combination thereof, which includes work with several muscle groups of the body. With the growth of experience and endurance, develop the ability to focus on the movements and execute them flawlessly, the basic exercises become more complex, to create a long combination of the different movements. During the classes the trainer shows all the elements, talking about the nuances of their execution, the necessary counts out loud the number of repetitions of similar movements, and the whole group tries simultaneously to repeat after him.

Full training on aerobic brings great benefits to the body and figure:

  • promotes even weight loss;
  • develops muscles of the entire body;
  • increases stamina;
  • well it loosens up the joints;
  • strengthens the heart and blood vessels;
  • relieves nervous tension;
  • reduces stress levels.

Species diversity of aerobics

There are several types of aerobics, each of which is aimed at achieving a particular goal. Deciding to do this type of fitness, should initially be determined by his motives. On the basis of whether you wish to lose weight, to strengthen muscles, get rid of self-doubt or to get a boost of energy, selected one or the other direction of aerobics. The most common types of such physical activity are:

  • Dance Jam is a unique combination of movements from different dance fitness trends, helping to improve coordination, reduce stress levels and strengthen all the muscles of the body.
  • Step aerobics — physical activity using a special step platform in which all movement is reduced to raise the hill and rolling down from it.
  • Tae-Bo — aerobics, developed by professional martial arts coach. Tae-Bo involves performing exercises at a high speed from such martial arts like kickboxing, Taekwondo, tai Chi. With this fitness training, you can achieve significant results in reducing weight, make the body relief.
  • Aerobic Power is the power direction of aerobics exercises which are performed more slowly and with weights, for example dumbbells weighing 2 kg, bodybare or gymnastic ball.
  • Training with steamy

    Step aerobics is an intense cardio, which effectively works out the muscles of the legs and buttocks, improves stamina and coordination of movements. All exercises are performed with a step platform, which is the height of rectangular shape, with a height of 20-50 cm and a width of approximately 1 meter. At the beginning of training uses simple steps and movements that over time modifierade and turn into a long composition. This approach allows us to develop not only muscles, but also to improve memory, attention, concentration.

    Step aerobics is very popular among women and are second only Tae-Bo. It can help to learn many basic steps that will help with other types of rhythmic fitness.

    If you train at home and purchase platform for training is not possible, instead you can use a hard pillow. To learn the basic steps should be at low altitude tap in order to allow the muscles to adapt to the load.

    Basic steps and aerobics exercises

    The whole workout is for step aerobics is based on the sequential execution of steps, each of which has its own name and especially the performance. The basic steps of aerobics:

  • Kick (max) — step forward with one foot, the second with a force push in front of you, straight in a horizontal position, the foot may be slightly turned outward.
  • Push touch (a touch forward) — standing straight, one leg slightly pushed forward and touch the floor with the toe of her, to put a little pressure on it, then return the leg to the place and do all the same with the other limb.
  • Jumping Jack (jump) — standing straight, jump up and place your feet wide, then jump up again and put them together. There is more difficult variant of this exercise, in which while jumping you need to move forward and backward.
  • March (March) — walk in one spot, lifting his feet high so that the knee joints were formed right angles. Need to move clearly to the music, firmly placing the feet on the floor and making a motion with his hands.
  • Step touch (side step) — standing straight, step one foot forward, backward or sideways leaning more on the toe; the second leg prestavlja next. Then continue the motion in the manner described.
  • Double step-touch (double strafe) is similar to the previous exercise, only in this case, these steps should be done twice in a row.
  • Squat (SCWO) is standing straight, at the expense of “time” make a wide step with one leg to the side while deeply sit down, slightly tilting the body forward; on “two” return to its original position. Hands it is possible to arbitrarily keep along the trunk or hook into the lock in front of him.
  • Having mastered the simple steps of aerobics, you can begin to explore more complex and gradually introduce them into your ligaments movements. The complicated elements of aerobics:

  • V-step — this step is often used during a rest from a heavy load, to restore breathing and between combinations of movements. Step forward and to the side with one foot, then do the same with the other leg, then alternately return both limbs to the starting position.
  • Mambo — this step is very similar to the movement of Latin dance. For its implementation need to take a step forward with one foot, the second step in place, then the first to return to the starting position, and the second to step again on the spot.
  • Cross is a complex combination of movements, which involves a step forward and left with your right foot, then step back left, return to starting position right foot and setting to her left.
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