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Aerobic fitness training: characteristics, use, opposed to anaerobic exercise

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Aerobic fitness training: characteristics, use, opposed to anaerobic exercise

The contents

  • What is the main difference between anaerobic and aerobic physical activity?
  • Aerobic fitness training: features and benefits
  • Features and assigning weights
  • Exercise program with aerobic and anaerobic loads

In sport and fitness is divided into aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic (cardio) workouts usually include exercises such as running, jumping, walking, dancing, skating, swimming, Cycling. Anaerobic load is to work on weights and lifting free weights: barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells. Aerobic physical exercise is mainly used for weight loss, anaerobic for muscle growth and the development of power quality.

What is the main difference between anaerobic and aerobic physical activity?

Anaerobic exercise is dominated by oxygen-free path for the synthesis of energy. It is based on several mechanisms, turns on instantly, but missing it for a while — a few tens of seconds run processes of energy production with the participation of oxygen (aerobic glycolysis). Motor if the work lasts more than five minutes, it provides the energy through aerobic processes, which are more economical. But the division of exercise on anaerobic and aerobic is conditional. It is probably more important is not the exercise type, and the nature of its implementation. What kind of energy production will prevail in a particular exercise depends on its intensity and duration of execution. For example, running at a moderate pace over long distances is a typical aerobic exercise. While great strides for a short distance-sprint refers to a type of anaerobic exercise.

In other words, while fitness classes include different mechanisms of energy production. Which one will dominate, is determined by the duration of muscular work and the intensity of the generated stress. Each exercise begins with a rapid collapse of the energy compounds in the muscle without oxygen. Then, if the work continues with medium or low intensity with no rest intervals, providing muscles with energy actively involve oxygen. That is, on the one hand, there is no purely aerobic exercise, every other exercise of power subject to certain conditions turns into cardio.

Aerobic fitness training: features and benefits

Aerobic physical activity has a low or average intensity. Here the pulse is accelerated up to 60-85% of maximum heart rate (HR). To stimulate fat loss, you need to keep the heart rate in the range of 60-70% of max heart rate. For aerobic endurance exercise can accelerate the heart rate values of 70-85% of max heart rate. Fitness exercise is aerobic if you practice for a long time, 40-60 minutes or more, with a minimum number of breaks. Approaches to do a lot of repetition. The shells are used with light weight.

Aerobic exercise effective in weight loss, improve overall stamina, increase vitality, strengthen the heart, blood vessels and lungs. If you want to lose weight need to train not less than forty consecutive minutes: in the first 20 minutes of the training the glycogen is consumed, and only then begin to start the process of zerorate. The optimal duration aerobic fitness training — 60 minutes. Prolonged aerobic training lead to enhanced production of cortisol — a stress hormone that causes increase in blood pressure, increased blood sugar and muscle breakdown.

Features and assigning weights

Anaerobic exercise is done in a small number of repetitions (8-15). Arranged between the approaches of rest, and used the shells are heavy, often a marginal, weight. Anaerobic loads include the training of bodybuilders and lovers of power fitness. But sprint and 30-second Jogging is also an aerobic exercise. Sometimes, aerobic and anaerobic load combines, the example is a half-hour workout in which you alternate Jogging at a leisurely pace, and sprint.

Anaerobic or strength fitness training contribute to the growth and strengthening of muscles. With their help, increase muscle size and formed a beautiful relief of the body. They develop muscular strength and anaerobic endurance, speed up the process of weight loss. Although weight training and do not promote fat loss in such amount as aerobic exercise, but they build muscle and a well-dispersed metabolism. Metabolism remains accelerated for 12-36 hours after strength training, which, of course, is good for weight loss. In addition, muscle tissue is active consumer of energy even at rest. The more muscles in the body, the more calories you burn during the day.

Exercise program with aerobic and anaerobic loads

Depending on the training purposes, you can use one of four training programs:

  • Only aerobic exercise. This option is suitable for those seeking to lose weight quickly or to keep a stable body weight. Aerobic training are the prevention of diseases of heart, vessels and lungs. They improve health and help to maintain good physical shape. In the aerobic training is commonly used fast walking, long runs, classes at the cardio equipment.
  • Only weight training. They are used to build muscles, the formation of muscle relief and partly for weight loss. Losing weight should bear in mind that during the practice of strength exercises body weight may not decrease because muscle tissue is heavier than fat. But the fact that losing weight will significantly reducing body volume. Strength training is best done with a day interval, so that the muscles have time to recover. With 4-6 sessions a week is desirable to use the split-method, i.e. to train different muscle groups on different days of the week.
  • Comprehensive training with an emphasis on aerobic exercise. Sometimes complex strength exercises are added to the beginning or end of aerobic training, but it is not the best option. A better scheme is an alternation of cardio and strength training on days of the week or the conduct of cardiorespiratory training in the morning and strength evening. But it is important not to enter into a state of overtraining.
  • Comprehensive training with an emphasis on anaerobic load. For those who want to lose weight, it is recommended to put a complex of aerobic exercise at the end of strength training. During power loads Deplete glycogen stores, and hence, the splitting of the fatty tissue starts almost in the first minutes of aerobic block of exercise.

An indispensable condition for achieving success in fitness is to follow the principles of healthy eating. And aerobic, and anaerobic training, and their combination will be effective only if the fitness guy would refuse from harmful eating habits and go on a balanced diet, enriched with healthy nutrients.

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