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Aerobic exercise for endurance development

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Aerobic exercise for endurance development
The contents

  • The levels of development of endurance in fitness training
  • Features of interval fitness
  • Advanced physical load for endurance

Endurance is an important physical indicator of the level of development of which depends on the performance of sports activities. People with low endurance, it is difficult to perform even the most simple exercises — they have shortness of breath and disturbed heart rhythm. Regular aerobic exercise can help to improve this indicator of the body in just a few weeks.

The levels of development of endurance in fitness training

Aerobic exercise, increasing endurance during physical activity and fitness, have several levels, each of which you must master:

  • initial.

At this stage, people who have never engaged a fitness training, you can develop the physical capabilities of the body, increasing cardio in everyday life. For example, to abandon the lift and climb the stairs exclusively, to use every opportunity to walk instead of going by public transport or being at home, to move briskly. Increasing household physical activity, can significantly improve the performance of endurance. Of course, the initial level will not be enough to feel comfortable while performing intense aerobic exercise, but the quality of daily life will surely improve;

  • average.

This level is designed for people who already have some experience with cardio. To develop endurance at this stage is possible by increasing the duration of providing aerobic exercise. For example, if you previously cardio was performed for 20 minutes 4 times a week, to improve physical endurance you need to increase the duration of fitness classes from cardio to half an hour. This can be done immediately, but within 2-4 weeks, gradually adding in 10 minutes of first one training session during the week, then to two and so on. Increasing the duration of classes, you can add in a weekly fitness program another half-hour training session with aerobic exercise;

  • advanced.

At this level, to increase endurance you should implement interval cardio training equipment. It involves a continuous alternation of periods with moderate and high load for the entire time of the fitness classes. Since the rest periods are longer than the intervals with the maximum load during the work at a moderate pace, the body has a chance to recover.

Features of interval fitness

To get the maximum benefits from interval fitness training, it is necessary for their organization to consider features of this methodology and be guided by the following recommendations:

  • to train endurance using interval techniques only after consulting with a physician, receiving his certificate stating no contraindications to such intensive physical load;
  • getting started you need to find out the limit value for the heart rate. This can be done by the following calculations: from constant ratio 220 you need to take the number of full years of training. Value received and should be guided by calculating the intensity of work during the fitness exercise;
  • the duration of interval classes in technology should not exceed 30 minutes. The number and duration of intervals can vary depending on the level natrenirovannosti and selected cardio;
  • for convenience, we recommend using a heart rate monitor that gives you the opportunity to focus on technique without the distraction of measuring the heart rate.

Advanced physical load for endurance

Fitness training on the basis of Jogging on the street or in the hall, which can significantly improve physical stamina, it is possible to carry out 3 times a week. The first day should work according to this plan:

  • Warm-up exercise, involving Jogging for 3 minutes at a slow pace.
  • Running with maximum acceleration for half a minute. For 30 seconds of the heart rate needs to increase to values equal to 90% of individual maximum.
  • Minute run at a moderate speed at which heart rate decreases to 60% of the maximum permissible value.
  • Repeat the cycle of 30 second sprint and a minute from the usual run 4 more times. During one of the fitness classes you need to complete 5 cycles.
  • Hitch for 3 minutes, which is a slow run with a gradual speed reduction before complete stop.
  • To provide an aerobic physical exertion with the purpose of developing endurance, the second day of training in the weekly chart should be as follows:

  • Warm-up duration of 3 minutes, during which you gradually accelerate, going to step on a slow run.
  • A minute of running with maximum acceleration, in which the heart rate should reach 90% of the individual limit values.
  • Jogging with average speed, which can reduce the heart rate to 65% of the maximum. Running at this pace should be within 2 minutes.
  • Repetition of the above cycle of alternating sprints and easy running 4 times.
  • The final stage of physical activity — hitch, while the bark need to run 3 minutes in a comfortable pace, gradually reducing speed to a minimum and passing on the move.
  • In the third training day of the week you need to work on such a program:

  • Standard 3-minute workout with a gradual increase in running speed.
  • Half-minute sprint running acceleration, in which the number of heart beats per minute is 90% of the individual maximum.
  • A minute of running at a comfortable pace. The pulse rate in this period should not be more than 65% of limit value.
  • Sprint 2-minute race.
  • Comfort running duration of 2 minutes.
  • The repetition of the cycle intervals of sprinting and light Jogging 3 times with a gradual decrease in the duration of high-speed and easy running, up to 30 seconds.
  • 3 minutes of hesitation, during which it is necessary to reduce speed, move to the step to enable all body systems to return to normal operation after intense physical exercise.
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