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Advice for the beginner: how to choose the right kind of physical activity

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Advice for the beginner: how to choose the right kind of physical activity
The contents

  • Recommendations on the choice of the type of physical activity
  • Useful motivation to conduct fitness workouts
  • Tips for organizing fitness activities

Very often, the initial enthusiasm of people who have decided to do fitness, is fading fast. This happens for several reasons, including: inadequate level of training exercise, the lack of tangible results and basic laziness. Not to relax and continue to practice, despite all the difficulties in advance to develop the right strategy of motivation.

Recommendations on the choice of the type of physical activity

Taking the decision to regularly visit or conduct fitness classes, an adult should adequately assess their strengths and to consciously understand that workout is designed, primarily, to improve the health status and solving problems with a figure, and not to achieve sports records. Therefore, the intensity of physical activity should correspond to the initial level of training of muscles and all body systems. Starting with small loads and gradually increasing their intensity, you can avoid fatigue and exhaustion, and thus to ensure sustainable development of the muscles, and safe and effective weight loss.

The desire to play sports initially very influenced by the kind of physical activity. If people like the direction of fitness, which he decided to do, the problem is laziness occurs much less frequently. Conversely, unsuitable for individual preferences activity causes the body stress, and the mind does everything possible to exclude from the life of this factor. To make it easier to determine the direction of fitness training, you can focus on the following recommendations:

  • people who are prone to aggression, having a choleric temperament, and those who need a splash of emotions most suitable Boxing and martial arts;
  • those people who are in search of themselves and a lot of thinking about the meaning of life and harmony with the surrounding reality have to pay attention to yoga. In addition to providing physical stress on the body, yoga strengthens the spirit and help to achieve internal balance;
  • women who want to boost their confidence, to make the movements smooth, and the tread — elegance, you should dance. Besides fitness classes in dance techniques provide a quality cardio on the body and help to get rid of extra pounds;
  • people who want to solve their health problems when you choose fitness workouts, in addition to individual preferences, should be guided by the recommendations of doctors. For example, when back pain experts recommend swimming and gymnastics.

In preparation for the exercises, it is desirable to study the history of the chosen direction, its theoretical basis, basic exercises, as well as a standard scheme of training. This is necessary in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments in the classroom, when, for example, instead of learning fighting techniques and practicing dance numbers during a fitness workout will need to do the stretching of muscle fibers.

Useful motivation to conduct fitness workouts

The right motivation is an important factor affecting the performance of physical activity and helps to form the habit of fitness. Among the most effective motives that will help to combat laziness and desire to stop the sport, are the following:

  • effective weight loss and shape a slim toned body;
  • strengthen muscles, increase muscle mass and make the muscles of the bump;
  • the improvement of health and overall health;
  • a successful fight against apathy and a passive lifestyle;
  • increase self-esteem and development of self-confidence;
  • meeting new interesting people and find like-minded people;
  • struggle with stress and negative emotions with the help of fitness.

Tips for organizing fitness activities

To the physical strain brought moral satisfaction and maximum benefits for the body, when training it is important to avoid errors affecting the performance classes. To do this, heed the advice of experienced professionals in the field of fitness:

  • even if the fitness training is conducted in the home, they need to prepare as well as going to the gym. It is necessary to purchase the necessary sports equipment and uniform for classes chosen sport, to organize the venue of the training, to take care of the musical accompaniment. This training adjusts on a working harmony and mobilizes, and awareness of financial investment and effort contribute to the regular provision of physical stress on the body;
  • you should not neglect keeping a diary in which to record the volume and weight of the body plan of each class, the number of sets and reps of exercises and also weight of the weights. Analyzing the work done every 1-2 weeks, you can clearly see the effectiveness and positive results fitness. Visible progress and sense of success for most people is a good incentive to play sports with even more enthusiasm;
  • to enhance the effectiveness of the training you need to abstain from alcohol and to change the usual diet, eliminating fast carbs and animal fats and replacing them with proteins, cereals, fats of vegetable origin. The number of calories consumed during the day should not exceed individual daily rate of calorie intake tailored to the ultimate goal of sports. For example, if you want to get rid of extra pounds, the quantity consumed per day of calories should be 10% less of the daily value, and when doing a power exercise to increase muscle mass daily caloric intake can be increased by foods rich in protein;
  • you can introduce a reward system for completing weekly fitness plan workout, for example, at the end of the week to buy the long-desired thing or take in a concert, theatre, Museum. From rewards in the form of harmful and high-calorie food best avoided, so as not to reduce all weekly efforts in the gym to zero.

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