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Advice about nutrition and weight loss that you will remember

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Recommendations about nutrition and weight loss do not only what you eat but how you eat. These short, but good advice is easy to remember, with them you get rid of excess weight.

In order to achieve success in weight loss, you need to consider not only what you eat but how you eat. The most common cause of excess weight and even obesity is arbitrary and mindless eating. People use food in a scattered condition, without thinking about what they are eating and in what quantity. The body sends signals of hunger and satiety, but usually these signals are ignored.

When a student passes a signal of saturation and continues with a meal after him, he is faced with the problem of excess weight and associated diseases.

The best strategy with respect to eating habits is very simple, you will be easy to remember them. Following these rules will keep from overeating, will make it possible to lose weight and improve overall health.

  • Every time you sit down to eat, put the timer on your phone for 20 minutes. Try to stretch the meal for 20 minutes, concentrated attention to every eaten piece. The timer in front of the eyes will not allow you to pounce on the food like a hungry wolf, and destroy it in a couple of minutes;
  • If you’re right handed, try to eat with your left hand and Vice versa. The meal is not the dominant hand will take longer, you will involuntarily become more conscious. Slow eating food you just can’t miss the feeling of fullness;
  • Eat in silence and without extraneous thoughts. Don’t think about problems at home and at work, on the situation in the country and the world, focus on food. Imagine how was made this product which path he traveled to get to your plate;
  • Cut or nibble small pieces, carefully chew each of them. So you eat much less, but will receive from the meal more fun;
  • Before you open the refrigerator or kitchen Cabinet inventory, ask yourself if you’re really hungry. Get to solid food only after a positive response;
  • If you don’t understand, whether you really are or not, try to distract from the meal. Drink a glass of water, take a short walk, call friends or relatives. If distraction does not work, then you’re actually hungry, eating is necessary.

These recommendations seem to madness is simple, but they really work. Mindful eating helps to start the process of losing weight and get rid of excess weight without dieting and counting calories.

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