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Advantages of training with a rubber band: universal exercise

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Advantages of training with a rubber band: universal exercise
The contents

  • The advantages of fitness with a ribbon-expander
  • Universal complex of exercises with elastic band
  • Tips for choosing the shock-absorbing tape for fitness workouts

Rubber band-expander is one of the most affordable sports equipment. It can be used to perform a variety of exercises, providing the load on most muscle groups. The versatility of the shock-absorbing tape can be used during short workouts, and use full-fledged classes with the aim of creating extra resistance and reinforcement load in the fitness training.

The advantages of fitness with a ribbon-expander

The shock-absorbing tape is sports equipment, fitness classes which have a number of competitive advantages over exercises that use other equipment to further increase physical activity:

  • small size and light weight make this type of expander as the mobile. Gum can be taken and to do, for example, during a lunch break or while on a business trip or on vacation. This advantage allows to optimize training process and not to interrupt fitness classes;
  • the shock-absorbing tape does not occupy much space, so it is easy to store even in conditions of critical shortage of free space;
  • low cost makes this shell is available for most people. In addition, in case of loss of the shock-absorbing tape, the acquisition of new almost no impact on the budget;
  • during fitness workouts with the belt-chest expander is easy to control the range of motion and to adjust the intensity of the load;
  • working with elastic, you can also use other sports equipment that gives you the opportunity to develop stronger muscles, and, consequently, to obtain the most effective result of fitness.

Despite all the advantages of the shock-absorbing tape still has a number of disadvantages that you should consider before you purchase this sports equipment:

  • no special handles, which can be grasped, can create certain inconveniences and difficulties in performing exercises;
  • elastic band can slip out of hands or off the place of its fixation on the body, resulting in physical injury and other damages;
  • when wrapping parts of the body shock-absorbing tape is in the process of performing some of the exercises possible constriction of veins that may have negative consequences.

Universal complex of exercises with elastic band

Universal fitness exercises with rubber band-expander, designed for the initial level of fitness, you can include the following complex:

  • Flexion.

Stepping on gum, to take the ends and pull the edges of the expander up to the level of the hips. Without changing the direct of the back, you need to inhale to bend the elbows, bringing the ends of the bands 10 to 15 cm to the shoulders. Exhaling, smoothly lower the upper limb, feeling the tension in the muscles, but not fully straightening his elbow joints in the lower position. This exercise should be repeated in 2-3 sets of 12 times. When bending, you can work both hands simultaneously, and alternately each upper limb. To enhance the load can be in addition to gum, squeeze in the palms dumbbells.

  • Lifts the knees.

Standing with straight back and put together the blades, stretch the tape over the head, bending your elbows. Breathing in, stretch the abs and raise the right lower limb, bringing the knee to the right elbow and a little by tilting the body toward the knee. This exercise that work out the abdominal muscles, hips, chest, arms and shoulders, you need to repeat 12 times on each side.

  • Side steps.

You need to stand up straight, stepping on the middle shock-absorbing tape. Cross the ends of the elastics in front of him, securely lock the edges in his hands. Then, without pulling the body forward or backward, make a small step to the side and to fasten the foot. After completing as many steps as allows the tape end to move side step in the opposite direction. To work the lower limbs, thus you need as long as each leg will have at least 12 steps.

  • Squats.

To perform this exercise, required standing in the middle of the ribbon and hold the ends in your hands, take pelvis back and sit down. The depth of the squat may vary depending on the level of physical training. If the technique is followed, the muscles of the abdominals, buttocks and thighs should be a feeling of tension and burning. Pushing the heel into the floor to straighten up. Squat with band chest expander need 2-3 sets of 12 repetitions each. To enhance the load in your fitness activity, you can pick up dumbbells and hold them with the ends of an elastic band.

  • Alternate allocation of the lower extremities.

To bind the edges of the bands in the loop, stepping on its center and grab the tape. Pulling the expander, take one leg out to the side, slipping it under the elastic band. To perform 12 swings left and right foot in each of 2 approaches. In this exercise, the body and the pelvis must be fixed.

  • Extension behind the head.

Stand on one end of the shock-absorbing ribbon heels, to take another of its edge with both hands by the neck and carry 12 extension of the elbows, pulling the elastic over the head. All you need to do 3 sets.

Tips for choosing the shock-absorbing tape for fitness workouts

Exercises with a shock-absorbing tape will be very productive and safe if the projectile is properly selected and corresponds to the degree of training of the muscles. Not to be mistaken in the choice of a suitable expander, you should use these simple guidelines:

  • the minimum tape length should be 1.5 meters;
  • the width of the shell depends on which muscle group will be load. For example, when performing stomach crunches, you should use wide tape, and training other muscles you can work with a narrow shell;
  • on the hardness of the gum, and, consequently, the level of resistance it has during fitness training, specifies its color. It is considered that the yellow insulation tape is designed for the weak degree of development of muscles, red is suitable for intermediate level of physical fitness, and the green and blue bands have the highest stiffness.

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