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Add protein: 6 signs that you miss him

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1. You’re getting weaker

After 30 years, people start to lose 3-5% of muscle every 10 years, this process is called sarcopenia. If the body gets enough protein, it takes missing again from the muscles and they become weaker. If you find that you can no longer lift the box of fruits as before is likely not enough protein.

2. You often thirst and dry mouth

It is a sign not only of water shortage but also a shortage of protein, and most likely — and calories in General.

3. You’re hungry all the time

If you open the fridge in search of meat or ice cream, the body clearly signals that he needs protein. In General, a strong feeling of hunger better to eat not high-calorie sweets, and protein products.

4. You have weak bones

Protein, if necessary, taken not only from muscles, but from the bones. That’s why older people easier to break a leg, if natural ageing is accompanied by a lack of protein. And if you harmless fall broke, for example, elbow (and before this would not have happened), add protein to the diet.

5. You slowly recover

If the immune system fails to fight the virus for a week and requires a more time — is yet another sign of lack of protein. Amino acids create antibodies that prevent the disease. If the immune system is weakened you will get sick more often and may not even understand why.

6. The nails become brittle

Nails are made from amino acids, which breaks down protein. If its not enough, they will break. Hair can also become weaker and more prone to hair loss.

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