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Adaptive gymnastics for beginners from Sergey Bubnovsky

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Method of healing from Dr. Bubnovsky quickly became known. The performance of this technique has already proven tens of thousands of users. What is the secret of compound exercises? And what diseases and ailments he wins?

Dr. Bubnovsky deserves respect, as it has developed an effective set of exercises (it is also called “adaptive gym”). During the lessons on the power of the simulator MTB (also invented Bubnovsky) improves joint and spinal mobility working, restored a backup force.

Based on adaptive gymnastics taken kinesitherapy (rehabilitation through movement).
What are features and advantages of the complex?

Gymnastics Sergey Bubnovsky perform even brand new, non-special physical preparation, so it has no age restrictions. Used in the treatment and prevention of serious diseases of locomotor apparatus (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, etc.), hernia and other pathology.

Complex sometimes prescribed for exacerbations of the disease with the aim of eliminating pain syndrome.

Adaptive methods Sergey Bubnovsky has the following advantages:

  • Availability for anyone wanting to do.
  • The combination of physical exercises, breathing exercises, and cryotherapy (use of cold).
  • Strengthening the muscle post.

The author has developed more than one method (for a certain category of people there are different patterns of treatment). A set of exercises designed for small children, and not paid attention to adolescents and women in an interesting position, and the elderly. In addition, there are approaches and for those along with joint disease has pathology. Each disease corresponds to a personal program.

Sergey Bubnovsky has developed a highly effective method of healing musculoskeletal and without recourse to medications, physiotherapeutic procedures, orthopedic devices and other methods of therapy. With the help of simple exercises one can improve the body.

Bubnovsky distinguishes 2 main types of gymnastics:

  • Adaptive.
  • Articular.
  • The first shows beginners who need to stretch your body, to accustom the muscles to constant activity and take away the pain.

    This form of gymnastics is performed on the equipment in the hospital. But if it is not possible to go to the gym or buy a treadmill, in this case, there is an alternative solution – to do it themselves at home.

    On the 2nd stage is articular exercises (once the patient is prepared for the more difficult active loads). These exercises increase the mobility of all joints, including the spine.

    With adaptive exercises on Bubnovskiy you can expect these results:

    • The elimination of spasm in the spine, the back.
    • Increasing the elasticity of the muscle (the long lasting effect after treatment).
    • Improving mobile activities of the joints, restoring flexibility to the spinal column.
    • Elimination of swelling.
    • The normalization of metabolism, improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow in the problematic parts.
    • Body Wellness in General.
    • The ability to control your emotional background.

    The complex on the Bubnovsky need to follow a few simple conditions:

    • To conduct classes on a regular basis.
    • Smooth and moderate intensity movements are the key to successful gymnastics.
    • The load should be increased gradually, making no sudden jumps.
    • It is important to monitor the breath: it should be deep, slow, to match the rhythm of movements.

    Despite the positive impact, gymnastics still has contraindications. It’s cancer, mental disorders, neurology (epilepsy), fractures and torn ligaments, the group risk associated with heart attack and stroke.

    Sergey Bubnovsky advises all adaptive gymnastics

    The exercises are fairly easy and aimed at getting rid of pain thresholds and other unpleasant symptoms.

    Key exercises:

    • Relax and Flex the back. Pose, focusing on four limbs by exhalation, vygeboom back then, making the breath, bend. Perform up to 20 repetitions.
    • The next move you need to stretch muscles. In the pose, focusing on your knees and hands pull one lower limb back as possible and sit down for a second. Performed 20.
    • The position “on all fours” by the tilt, pulling the torso forward, avoiding the big bend in the back. Keep the balance.
    • Then go to stretching the back. Being in the pose “on all fours” breathe air into the lungs and bend the elbows when you exhale straighten the arms and sit back on my heels.
    • This exercise aimed at the muscles of the press. Lying horizontally on its back, hands come from behind your head, bend your knees. And now try to touch elbows to knees as possible.
    • Lying on your back, stretch the hands, raise your pelvis off the floor, seemed to be in polomolok.

    Exercises relieve lower back pain, they are often used to prevent.

    To prepare the body for further exercise, beginners will be useful to the following system, which helps in the treatment and prevention of joint diseases:

    • Relax, sitting on the heels. Breathe in the air, lifted, and then executed by the hands of circular rotation. Breath again and sit on the heels. Performed 20 iterations.
    • Put hands on the press. Tightly compressed lips, tasting on the exhale, say the sound “PFFT” (20 p.).
    • Lie on back, bend knees and hold your hands behind your head. Inhale, raise yourself from the floor, return to original position on the exhale (20 times).
    • The original posture of the case is the same as in the previous exercise. Focus on the exhale. Raise the lower limb with the body and trying to wrap my elbows and knees (20 repetitions).
    • Lie on your side, leaning on the arm. Pull knees to the chest belt. Perform 20 repetitions, first to the right, then the left side.

    In the beginning in preparation for the gymnastics program, the patient can encounter pain in the muscles. To alleviate the condition, should lie in a cool bath or wipe with water. These actions prevent edema due to activation of muscle after a long absence of physical activity.

    The effectiveness of the proposed exercises has already been confirmed in many parts of the world. Doing it constantly, the patient will notice obvious improvements. And video tutorials will help you understand what a useful adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky beginners, and a better understanding of proper technique

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