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Acupuncture for weight loss

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The ancient practice of acupuncture not only help relieve pain and alleviate chronic diseases, but also lose weight. How acupuncture helps to get rid of extra pounds?

If you are not afraid of needles, then you can consider acupuncture as an alternative technique for the treatment of pain and other unpleasant phenomena. In China acupuncture is a traditional form of medicine, the technique is based on the effects of thin needles into trigger points on the body man. Acting on different points, can relieve pain in chronic diseases and sports injuries, as well as to remove the feeling of tension and anxiety.

The most widespread use of acupuncture throughout the world is to stimulate muscles, nerves and bloodstream. In the last few years have been increasingly heard talk about the fact that acupuncture is also able to get rid of excess weight. This talk is not unfounded, the British medical journal published a work of Korean researchers on this topic.

In experiment took part about a hundred people, half of them within eight weeks received the impact of needles on acupuncture points of the ear, the second half became the control group. In order to avoid the effect of suspiciousness and self-hypnosis, the control group also had a treatment, but they have not received real acupuncture, and most likely a simulation. After eight weeks, people who received real acupuncture, lost an average of 6% weight.

Does this mean that acupuncture really helps to lose weight? This question is not fully understood, there is a theory that the needles have an impact on appetite and metabolic rate. For weight loss the autonomic nervous system often triggers a surge of adrenaline and cortisol, that there is an increase in appetite. Acupuncture calms and relaxes the nervous system, the stress becomes lower and with it the appetite. It turns out that the needles have an indirect effect on weight loss, and for efficiency should be used in addition to the traditional methods of weight loss, diet, sports, healthy way of life.

Acupuncture can help to lose weight if the excess weight caused by overeating due to increased hunger.

But as a standalone method for weight loss in most cases it will be powerless. However, getting rid of stress and relax the nervous system and will be used solely for the benefit of, the method involves virtually no contraindications.

If you’re wondering how acupuncture works, then you can experience it for yourself. The procedure should be performed by a professional using sterile equipment. Before the procedure you must inform the specialist about the state of their health, for example, if you are taking medications, blood thinners, or wear a pacemaker, in this case, the risk of bleeding and formation of hematomas will be higher.

Acupuncture lasts an average of 15-20 minutes on the patient’s body is up to 30 needles. Contrary to misconceptions, the procedure can not be called too painful, then people feel cheerful and energetic, are in a good mood, though took a heavy load.

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