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Active fitness to strengthen the cardiovascular system

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Active fitness to strengthen the cardiovascular system
The contents

  • Fitness exercise for strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • Your choice — home fitness
  • Available varieties of extreme fitness

Many people though are aware of the benefits of Jogging, but I can’t bring myself to run for a variety of reasons. Someone that’s hard to do due to the presence of excess weight or serious shortness of breath, and some people just don’t like this sport. In any case, strengthen the cardiovascular system is very important, and not necessarily through running. Fortunately, the modern fitness is so varied that everyone can easily choose for themselves the most appropriate form of training that allows you to get the cardio. Consider the 7 most popular types of fitness to improve General fitness, increase stamina and strengthen the immune system.

Fitness exercise for strengthening the cardiovascular system

Today there is a tendency of increasing the number of those who are engaged in fitness in its various types and forms. Any properly dosed physical load beneficial for the heart and circulatory system. But there are also quite a large group of physical exercises that are recommended specifically for cardio.

Your choice — home fitness

Exercising at home is very convenient. No need to go anywhere to spend money, ashamed of the flaws of their figures. Effective fitness can be arranged directly at the apartment to do them in any spare time. Even if you are a beginner and don’t know what to do, on the Internet you can always find a lot of programs and tutorials that help you master the correct technique of performing various exercises.

  • Some burpees.

One of the most simple and effective ways to exercise the heart and healing the whole body is some burpees. Is a complex of 4 interconnected exercises that are performed in the following order:

  • from a standing position do a squat;
  • resting on the floor with arms and legs “jump out” back and immediately take the position of the push-up position;
  • do one pushup and return to position my burpees;
  • from pricewa jump up as high as possible with clapping hands over head.

This set of exercises to do several times in a row. You can start with a 30-second performance. The maximum time is not limited — it all depends on your fitness. Some burpees allows you to load the heart and major muscles of the body, reveals the maximum of light. This sports item is great for fitness at home. It can be used as independent and the only element of the workout or you can combine it with the performance of other exercises.

  • Jumping-Jack.

In fact, the jumping Jack is simply jumping on the spot. Effective exercise to warm up muscles before the main activity at the hotel. Jumping always put a strain on the cardiovascular system, while increasing endurance and strength of the limbs.

The technique of jumping-Jack.

  • stand straight, keep feet together, place hands along the body;
  • jump up at the same time widely spreading the legs and arms;
  • landing do, keeping his feet and lowering his hands.

The time of exercise is 15 minutes. Beginners can break it down into three parts: in 5 minutes with small breaks. Jumping, you are perfectly pluck your body and additionally get rid of excess calories.

  • Jumping rope.

A personal trainer is quite simple, especially if we remember how excited we were jumping rope in childhood. Why not try to use this simple sports equipment for their cardio? Just buy the rope and give the jumps 10-15 minutes daily. Jumping rope during this time similar to run of the same duration.

Jumping, the man strengthens your heart and lungs, improves blood circulation and saturation of tissues with oxygen, increases your own stamina and burns extra calories. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a good workout and also get a lot of positive emotions.

Available varieties of extreme fitness

If you are by nature an active person and active, to strengthen the cardiovascular system you will approach extreme fitness. It is possible to obtain not only the desired therapeutic effect, but felt the adrenaline pumping.

  • Cycling.

This sport can be considered an excellent alternative to running. Riding a bike, one can admire the local scenery and at the same time to train the heart, lungs and muscles. The load level can be controlled independently, increasing or decreasing the speed of the drive. While you can ride both in the city and on rough terrain, constantly discovering new places. The combination of physical activity with positive emotions gives a very good result. In addition, the outdoor fitness is much more preferable to study at home or in the gym.

  • Boxing.

If you’re over twenty, you probably believe that to start a Boxing lesson too late. A female does not perceive the box as an option exercise. Meanwhile, Boxing is one of types of the best cardio to strengthen heart muscles, development of stamina and coordination. This is not necessarily to step into the ring for the victory — just normal sparring . It is best to find a group for age of athletes to train at your pleasure. If in your locality there are no such groups, organize home fitness. Buy punching bag, Boxing gloves and exercise alone. Equipment exercise in this case is not important. The main thing — to receive from the exercise need exercise.

  • Yoga.

Many imagine yoga as a set of exercises that are performed too quietly and smoothly, without sudden movements. What kind of load on the heart. This view is mistaken. Yoga is a great way to get intense cardio. It can be considered a kind of kind of extreme fitness: in yoga there are many postures that are accompanied by serious effects on the body. At the same train almost all muscle groups, heart, lungs are developing, increased ability to control one’s physical and emotional state.

  • Swimming.

Extreme fitness is not always something extraordinary and exotic. It can include the physical activity that can shake the body, to fill the blood with adrenaline and bring a new, positive emotions. Swimming is one such sport. It is available for people of any age and level of training. During lessons in the pool are actively working the heart and lungs, the body accelerates blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients are transferred faster to the organs and tissues. The benefits of such training are obvious.

One who has a high level of physical fitness, can try these types of swimming, like scuba diving, winter sailing or water climbing.

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