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About the importance of basic exercises

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Most of the gym visitors ignore basic exercises; they do this because of a lack of experience and information. Isolated exercises seem more attractive: if you want big hands, you shake hands, but such a strategy will not work. Regardless of intentions and goals, why wouldn’t you come to the gym, basic exercises will be useful to you, the basis of any well-designed training program consists of them. These are convincing arguments in favor of basic exercises.

Basic exercises are so named for a reason, they make up the base, that is, the foundation of any program. They are also called multi-joint, these are exercises in the performance of which several muscle groups and joints will be involved. Basic exercises will be a difficult but integral part of your program.

Squat and arms – what's the connection?

Weighted squats are needed not only to work on the legs and buttocks. The lower part of the body will receive most of the load, but the exercise will contribute to the construction of small muscle groups, including the muscles in the arms.

Squatting with a barbell, you discover the anabolic potential of your body, that is, you stimulate the synthesis of testosterone and growth hormone, which will affect all the muscles in the body. When using basic exercises for large muscle groups, isolated exercises for local small muscles become more effective.

What is the main thing in doing basic exercises?

A set of basic exercises is not as important as the correct technique for their implementation. These are complex exercises, they include the whole body in the work, it requires coordination of movements and the correct position of the body. If you follow the recommendations outlined above and do basic exercises, but don’t follow the correct technique, you will not get progress in isolated exercises, but injuries.

The back is most susceptible to injuries when performing basic exercises; its most vulnerable section is the lower back.

No need to spare time on learning the technique of performing basic exercises. You train the body once, after which it performs the correct actions automatically. In order to master the correct technique, you can take several classes with the trainer or ask a friend to check the correct execution in accordance with the instructions. In order to look at your workouts from the side, you can record them on video.

Having mastered the correct implementation of basic exercises and having worked out the technique to automatism, you will notice that the effectiveness of training has become higher. Muscles begin to grow faster than before, this will ensure its anabolic hormonal response. Multi-joint exercises increase the effectiveness of any training, so they can not be neglected.


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