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A very unpleasant topic: acne in intimate places

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in intimate places, too, can appear acne. Some of them are different from acne on the face. They look like pimples, but are actually caused by a peculiar form of folliculitis is inflammation around the hair follicle. Provoke it could, for example, frequent shaving.
Sometimes acne is caused by hormonal background, Yes, hormones affect all areas of your body, including intimate. It is looking more like acne on my face.
Finally, the labia may appear black spots. Just like the pores on your face can get clogged with pores in intimate places can do the same thing.

Must be before we tell you nothing new.


It is likely that the scattering of painful on the bikini line caused by a tool you use every day:

  • shower gel, lotion or butter;
  • lubricants or condoms;
  • tampons or pads;
  • deodorant or toilet water;
  • washing powder;
  • the fabric of underwear.

If you found this annoying problem and don’t know how to fix it, I try to start to change one of these hygiene items. In addition, your own bodily fluid can cause irritation: sweat, vaginal secretions and urine can trigger an inflammatory process.

It could also be a cyst or the human papillomavirus, of which there is a vaccine but you can only tell the doctor.

You never…

Never, never, ever squeeze pimples on the face and especially in the intimate area — otherwise you will open the gates of hell the way of any accidental infection. The contents of the pimple out is not only outward, but inward.

But what to do? How to get rid of a disgusting rash?

  • Try to change their intimate hygiene products.
  • Give up the thongs and wear underwear made of natural fabrics.
  • If you remove hair in intimate places, change the method of removal — for example, give up shaving and go to the wax or sugar.
  • If you’re taking medication, check the side effects, do not indicate whether or not there rash.
  • Calm down! Stress can also be a cause of acne in intimate places.
  • If you tried all of the above and none of it helped, definitely go to a specialist.

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