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A useful set of exercises from a fitness trainer Daria Sushkova

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You have a goal to lose weight? I want to bring the body and the entire body? Then choose a healthy program that involves active physical work, adherence to routines and nutrition. This will help Daria Sushkova and fitness!

To have a beautiful toned body do not have to go to the gym. Sports can be at home, prepare the place and necessary equipment. For proper training, it is important to find a good fitness instructor. One of these coaches is Daria Sushkova. Her lessons focused on high-quality warm-up., good stretching and active exercise. Focus and exposure are the key aspects that will allow to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

Daria Sushkova: fitness lessons
One of the main benefits of training with Soakaway is the emphasis not only on the muscle pump and the elimination of excess weight, and improve joint function.

For a start, let us consider in detail the program of development of the flexibility Daria recommends at the end of basic training. Advance purchase special yoga Mat and shoes. Thus, the scheme of training:

  • Take a standing position with legs apart at shoulder level. Keeping the posture straight, raise your arms up. Begin to tilt your body with the left and right sides, trying to engage the muscles. Next, tilt your body forward and touch your palms to the floor. Then slowly straighten up and pull his hands up.
  • Sit on the Mat, join feet and pull the socks in his side. Place hands at sides. Drag the face to the legs, controlling the legs do not bend.
  • Sit on Mat (legs position maximum remotely from each other). Start to stretch the right hand to the toe of the left foot, then return to starting position and stretch the face to the knee of the right leg. Then do the same with the other side.
  • Adopt the sitting position, pull on socks myself. Lean down, trying to get the chest to the legs (knees not bent).
  • After this workout you will feel increased blood circulation in the muscles.

    Beautiful, slim and flexible legs

    Slim and flexible legs – the dream of every girl! Please note that the program Daria Sushkova aimed not at increasing muscle mass and stretching. With the regular training scheme of professional trainer, you will lead the body to tone, improve elasticity. If you can’t cope with the full program, do the exercise gradually, over time increasing the load. In the process of training control breathing, relax.

    Pre-configure itself, it will not be easy, but remember that with fitness instructor Daria Sushkova you will achieve your goals to improve the body much faster.

    Remember that you need to constantly move. Exercise daily! The result will not keep you waiting long, if you come to class responsibly! It all depends on how much you want slender, toned, athletic legs.

    Strength training from Daria Sushkova

    And here is the program. Do not hesitate to exercise! To start:

  • You need to lie down on the Mat, holding his shoulders and placing arms along body. Position your feet at hips width, then raise your pelvis up and squeeze your buttocks. Slightly lower your pelvis without touching the floor. Repeat the movement ten times.
  • Lift your pelvis, holding it for four seconds and make three springs. Go back to the previous position, repeat ten times.
  • Repeat the previous exercise, making seven springs and four repetitions.
  • Repeat the previous three sessions two more times.
  • Do a little stretching of the muscles and buttocks and continue to the next exercise (done lying down):

  • Position your feet hip distance apart and arms at your sides, bend your knees. The heel of the left foot touch the right knee.
  • Bend the knee of the left leg. Raise right up and start turning, pushing your pelvis up support. Repeat the action eight times, change the leg.
  • Repeat the previous two exercises two more times.
  • You need to lay on my side (to weight use bodybar), substituting palm under the head. Pull the socks on yourself, tighten your abdominal muscles.
  • Raise your leg up and hold it in this position for a few seconds.
  • Do 16 lifts, three repetitions.
  • Turn over to the other side and repeat the exercise.
  • The secrets to a toned and flat belly

    For pumping top press:

    • Somknite hands behind your head (your thumbs should lie behind the ears. Put your elbows to the sides (distance between chin and chest – 10 cm).
    • Lift the body on the exhale 15 times. Make 3 sets.

    For pumping the abdominal muscles:

    • Take a supine position, raise your arms up and grab the couch.
    • Raise both legs and lower them to the right side, at the next rises lower in the center and on the left side. Please note that the feet should not touch the floor.
    • Repeat the movement 15 times, do 3 sets.

    Exercise “Side-twisting” (3х15)

    • Somknite hands behind your head (your thumbs should lie behind the ears. Put your elbows to the sides (distance between chin and chest – 10 cm).
    • Raise the body and bend the right elbow to the left knee and Vice versa.
    • Make a motion 15 times for 3 repetitions.

    Remember, for quick result main thing – the desire to achieve! Practice anytime of the day as you wish. Do not forget about proper nutrition and sleep. Want to keep your body sports – work on yourself! Start your training now!

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