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A short but complex workout bar

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The bar has many supporters and opponents, but even ardent opponents do not argue that this is a very effective exercise for the whole body. Consider one of the main advantages of the bar – the ability to save your time, because you can conduct a productive training in just a few minutes. In this material you will find an example of such a training; it will not take much time and place to conduct it. With a regular program, you will strengthen your core muscles very quickly.

The advantages of the bar are difficult to list in a few words. This is a universal exercise that accelerates metabolism, improves blood circulation, including stimulates blood flow to the brain, strengthens the body and significantly increases endurance. In order to squeeze the maximum effect out of the bar, you need to take the most effective variations of the exercise and combine them into one workout. To do the same bar all the time is boring and not very productive. It’s better to spend a few minutes on this workout.

back bar

Benefits of the training bar

The plank acts on those muscles that protect the body from injuries, primarily the abdominal press – oblique and rectus muscles, as well as gluteal muscles. With regular execution of the bar, the abdominal press begins to create the correct pressure in the abdominal cavity, which allows you to lift more weight. Thus, the bar makes you stronger.

A strong rectus abdominis muscle improves performance in those sports in which you want to jump. The oblique muscles of the abdomen have a role to play – they are responsible for lateral flexions in the waist and twisting of the body. Strength in the gluteal muscles is needed to relieve pressure from the back and reduce the risk of injuries, especially in the most vulnerable lumbar region.

Any kind of strap fills the body with energy, so the training will be difficult, but after it you will feel a surge of strength.

The peculiarity is that in a few minutes you will complete some of the best variations of the bar.

Few minutes of plank

The scheme by which daily training will be held looks like this:

Classic strap on the forearms;
Side bar;
Classic wrist rest;
Classic wrist strap with alternate touch of the opposite shoulder.

Side bar

It will be very simple to remember such a simple scheme, to complete it is already more difficult. Try to improve your skills in such a way that when you execute the classic plank, the time in it reaches at least a minute, when completing the side planks, at least 30 seconds on each side. For this timing, the training will take no more than four minutes, if you do not take breaks.

The last point in the diagram – the strap with alternate touching the opposite shoulder is performed from the same position as the classic strap on the wrists. Next, tear your left arm from the floor and slowly bring it to the right shoulder, while making sure that the hips remain motionless. Slowly return the left hand to its original position, transfer the weight to it and do the same with the other hand. Repeat movement for at least a minute.


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