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A set of stretching exercises after the basic fitness training

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A set of stretching exercises after the basic fitness training
The contents

  • Why stretching after a fitness
  • Rules of stretching
  • A basic set of exercises

Stretching or stretching — an obligatory component of any workout flexibility, correct posture and well-being. It contributes to the strengthening and lengthening of muscles, is a great injury prevention. As much stretching relaxes the muscles, it is advisable this set of exercises to perform at the end of the gym.

Why stretching after a fitness

Intensive training very often leads to oxygen starvation of the muscles. Being in the stage of deep fatigue, they can cause appreciable pain syndrome. To help the reconstruction of muscle tissue using stretching — exercise program aimed at a uniform distribution of blood flow and fast removal of decomposition products.

Strength training also contributes to a reduction (shortening) of muscles. In this condition they may be in for another few days after the fitness workout. Stretching to expedite the recovery process of muscle tissue.

Its good for the body is unconditional:

  • normalizes blood pressure and reduces the frequency of cardiac contractions;
  • relieves pain in the back;
  • corrects posture, straightens the spine;
  • increases stamina and improves overall health;
  • contributes to forming a beautiful relief of muscle, which is especially important to bodybuilders;
  • strengthens joints and ligaments, reduces the risk of articular pathologies (calcium deposits, arthritis, arthrosis, etc.);
  • when injury promotes rapid regeneration of muscle tissue;
  • removes excess tone, it significantly relaxes the body.

Stretching after fitness training makes the muscles more elastic, thereby reducing the risk of injury and stimulating the growth of new muscle fibers.

Rules of stretching

The duration of stretching is usually 10-15 minutes. While limiting fitness in time, the stretching may be reduced to 5 minutes, but not less. With this approach, it is important to work those muscle groups that were stretched the most.

If the training was held in a very intense pace, for a start you need to recover the pulse. Walk on the spot, taking deep breaths, and only then proceed to stretching.

To achieve the desired result, to improve the efficiency of fitness and not to harm health, it is necessary to observe certain rules when you perform stretching after a workout:

  • Static.

Exercises and hold poses that are made after the major elements will help to maintain and increase flexibility and relieve muscle soreness. Movement should be smooth and soft, without pressure on the working muscle. Feeling light pain, hold the position for a while (half a minute is usually enough).

  • Breath.

Efficiently help relax deep slow breath. Watch how you breathe throughout the entire complex.

  • Straight back.

Not round back by performing, for example, bending of the legs. Attempt a breakthrough to reach the lower extremities or a sudden pulling the head down threatening spinal injury.

  • Accessories.

A good help will be the special fixtures: chairs, belts, ribbons, expander, towels. They will facilitate the implementation of the individual elements and increase the effectiveness of the training.

  • Refusal to work in pairs.

To prevent sprain and joint injury shouldn’t be stretching with a partner.

  • Gradualism.

Do not stretch the muscles through strength, let them completely relax. You should be comfortable when carrying items.

Do not aim for instant results, work towards your goals gradually. To see mistakes and shortcomings will help the mirror: do the exercises by controlling your own reflection.

A basic set of exercises

Consider the most popular exercise options for stretching each group of muscles and ligaments of the body:

  • Neck.

The main element is slow head tilts in different directions from a standing position. It is important to lower the head down as much as possible, his chin touching his chest. When tilting, you should try to touch the back of his head to the back. Tilts right/left can be accomplished by using hands. In this case, the ear should touch the shoulder. Movement worked through in 20 seconds. End of the circular rotations of the head.

  • Chest.

Need sports equipment: parallel bars or wall bars. It is recommended to turn toward the bar and stretch your hands. Lower the body slowly until you feel a light soreness in the muscles. To dwell for 30 seconds. It is important to control the execution speed to avoid damage to the ligaments.

  • Shoulders.

Movements are performed in the absence of spinal problems. The complex consists of several exercises:

  • one hand is put over the head, the other behind his back, hands held together in the castle to sustain the pose for a few seconds, repeat to the other side;
  • to stand with his hands against a wall and behind as far as possible the feet, head lowered down, the maximum prognuv back.
    • Of the upper limb.

    The arm rests in the wall housing to rotate in the opposite direction until you feel tension in the muscles. To save the situation for 30 seconds, then repeat for the other side. You can use any version support.

    • Press.

    This group of muscles need stretching the most. You need to lie on your stomach, placing the upper limb as in the push-up. Pelvis to leave the floor, and the body bend. To save the situation for 20 seconds.

    • The thighs and buttocks.

    In order to stretch the hips and buttocks, you need to stand straight, putting the lower limbs hip-width apart. One leg bent at the knee, the second to set aside. Repeat on both sides.

    • Back.

    For the upper spine enough to bend the chest, a maximum of averting the pelvis back. Hands and chin to pull ahead. When done correctly, a voltage will arise in the blades.

    For the lumbar will be similar item only to bend the body follows in the pelvis. The buttocks should be back, controlling so that the knees remain straight. Body tilted down, hands touch the floor. The most effective are the slopes with a straight back. In that position you can achieve maximum muscular tension.

    • Feet.

    For stretching the lower limbs suitable exercises are of several types:

    • starting position — lying down, pressing his back to the floor, one leg bent at the knee and slowly pull it to your chest, repeat both sides;
    • the same position, both legs lifted to a right angle, and maximum lower back pressed to the floor;
    • from a standing position — his legs alternately bent at the knee, thigh to clasp hands and extend to the buttocks.

    Not considered to be less useful and twine, but it is recommended only to those who have the proper physical training.

    After executing this package it is advisable to hang on the bar. This will be a great relief for the spine and stretch all major muscle groups.

    Stretching after a workout is the best way to relieve fatigue and pain in the muscles. Do not forget about reasonable compliance measures: if the exercise had pain or burning in the muscles — reduce the load. Regular stretching help to improve fitness, improve coordination and achieve extreme flexibility of the body.

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