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A set of exercises for the legs: fitness for buttocks and thighs

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A set of exercises for the legs: fitness for buttocks and thighs

The contents

  • Features workout for effective weight loss and slimness of the legs
  • Fitness classes at home for the HLS fan
  • Fitness complex No. 1
  • Fitness complex 2
  • Fitness complex №3

Beautiful legs and tight buttocks is the dream of many women. Slender legs, accented with beautiful stockings and high-heeled shoes look very attractive. But not everyone can afford such things that show slender legs in all their glory. In fact, “make” his legs maybe every fan of healthy lifestyle through fitness. Regular exercise of the legs will strengthen and tighten muscles and improve their shape. If you are ready for long and hard work, then go ahead!

For home training, you do not need special equipment. The necessary facilities and equipment for fitness:

  • Dumbbell – 2 kg or more;
  • Bodybar – special stick for fitness;
  • Step-up platform/bench.

Features workout for effective weight loss and slimness of the legs

To monitor and track the results achieved, it is necessary to record your weight before training, the number of running exercises and repetitions. This is particularly necessary if the goal of training is not only the acquisition of beautiful forms, but also effective weight loss.

Before you start training, you need to warm up your muscles after the workout. This can include any exercise. Fitness classes needed at their own pace, not pushing himself to extreme fatigue. But a slight fatigue need to muscles to work more efficiently.

Fitness classes at home for the HLS fan

Presents fitness training includes 3 sets that need to perform for each other, with a one minute rest after each. Between exercises rest is not necessary. Each exercise suggests a delay in a certain position for a few seconds to during fitness muscles worked as efficiently as possible, and were involved in the most deep of them.

Fitness complex No. 1

  • Abduction feet to the side and back. Initial position (IP) – stand up straight, hands with weights to dissolve in opposite directions. Take the straightened leg to the side, to stretch and pull the toes. Then pull the leg back, Contracting the glutes and putting your hands ahead. Fix this position for 5 seconds and lower your leg without touching the floor. Making 10-15 leads in one leg, change it. Beginners can do the exercise without weights.
  • The split squat is a very effective and simple exercise. IP – holding down the hands of dumbbells with your palms to yourself and make a lunge with one foot forward. Keep your backs straight. Stoop down, bending your knees at a right angle. Freeze and abruptly go back to IE. Doing 12 lunges on one leg, go to another.
  • Squats on one leg are performed on a step platform or on a low bench. IP – stand up straight, holding his hands in front. Slightly raise the straight leg the toe – up. Squat on the leg, touching your heel to the floor. Do 20 squats on both legs.

Fitness complex 2

Fitness classes are best done with the use of sports equipment. If you have no special adaptations for fitness, take the materials at hand – instead of bodybar use a plastic liter water bottles, books or a dumbbell.

  • Squats “plie”. The feet are very wide (fingers apart). Bodybar lock hands on his shoulders, and slowly sit parallel to the floor. After a moment’s delay stand. Do 8-9 reps. You can perform squats with dumbbells, holding them in his hands, raised to the side, or without weighting.
  • Lunges forward diagonally 10 times on the right and left leg. Making steps with lunges, you can move around the room if space allows. Be sure to keep your back straight and upright.
  • Dead lift with abduction legs back. IP – holding bodybar down in front of thighs, holding him at a distance slightly wider than shoulder width, slightly bend your left knee. The right foot also lift in a bent form from the floor to 10 see Take a pose of a swallow, without bending your back and lock the position for 3-5 seconds. Go back to IE. Perform 10-12 times on one, then on the other leg, without putting them completely on the floor.
  • Skier squats are performed by holding the knee flat object. You need to stand so that your heels were together. Squat forward, arms outstretched parallel to the floor. After second fixing at the extreme point, stand up. You need to do as many repetitions as your fitness allows.
  • Bulgarian split squats are performed using a bench (or sofa) and dumbbells. Standing with your back to the bench (the sofa), put on her foot, bending the leg. In the hands hold dumbbell, lowering them down. Squat on the leg, bending it at the knee. To make at least 10 times on each leg.

Fitness complex №3

The final complex fitness exercises will work those muscles that were not involved before. It will consolidate result and will contribute to more effective weight loss.

  • Side lunges with weights. IP – to stand up straight, feet hip distance apart, hands with dumbbells down. Step one foot to side making an attack. Dumbbells try to touch the floor in front of you, without bending your back. Do 20 repetitions at a time on both legs.
  • Negative squats. Standing on one foot in front of the bench, squat slowly, holding outstretched hands and other leg in front. When the buttocks touches the surface, sit on the bench. Stand up and do the exercise 9 more times. Change legs.
  • Steps the high step platform, strengthen the back and front of the thighs. Stand in front of the platform, stand on it with one foot, then descend. Do 20 steps with both feet.
  • Walking on the toes with dumbbells strengthens the muscles of the legs, making them a relief. Holding the dumbbells in the lowered hands, walk on tiptoes around the room as much as you can.

If you are looking for complexes, which aim to strengthen the leg muscles and effective slimming at the hips, this workout is exactly what you need. Remember that while performing any exercise you must follow the breath and technique. Every effort is made on the inhalation and relaxing on exhalation. Straight back protects from injuries and injuries of the spine, especially during exercise with weights. Regularly doing these 3 sets of the fitness exercises a month later you will see the result.

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