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A set of exercises bodyflex: the organization and techniques of training

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A set of exercises bodyflex: the organization and techniques of training

The contents

  • Rules training for weight loss according to the method bodyflex
  • The technique of body flex for getting rid of excess weight
  • Exercises that can be combined with diaphragmatic breathing
  • The beauty of the face and neck for a couple of minutes training a day

Everyone knows that to lose weight you need a proper diet and exercise. If you add to it and breathing exercises, the extra pounds will leave faster. The method of combining breathing with power loads is called bodyflex. This technique has already gained popularity amongst dieters women.

Rules training for weight loss according to the method bodyflex

Technique for weight loss will be effective only under certain rules:

  • Drills should be conducted on an empty stomach. After a meal should take at least 2-2. 5 hours. After class you can eat no sooner than 30 minutes.
  • To train better in the fresh air. However, if this is not possible, then you need well ventilated room or to deal with an open window.
  • Clothing should be comfortable, not clenching movement.
  • It is important to track the workout time.
  • To record the results. This can be done weekly. The main indicators that you should consider — changes in weight and body size.
  • To remove weight do not have to adhere to special diets. Enough to eat small portions up to 6 times a day and avoid fatty, harmful and high-calorie foods.
  • Drink per day a large amount of clean water.
  • To weight loss was fast and efficient, first, the need to deal with every day. When the desired result is achieved, you will need to maintain it by performing the exercises 2-3 times a day.
  • The training duration should be about 20 minutes. More training is not necessary, as it can have a negative impact on health.

The technique of body flex for getting rid of excess weight

The basis of this technique is the base unit, which consists of these steps:

  • slowly exhale all the air through the mouth, simultaneously pulling in his stomach;
  • close your lips and make a quick inhalation through the nose. The abdomen is rounded, and the lungs completely fill with air;
  • do a quick exhale wide open mouth with the sound “PHA” and suck in your stomach;
  • hold your breath for a count of 10;
  • exhale and relax.

In those 10 seconds during which the breath holding, any exercise. This may be stretching, crunches, pushups, squats and so on. This allows you to enhance the metabolic processes in problem areas, improves blood circulation, helps to saturate all the tissues and organs of oxygen, which reduces weight. In addition, this has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the brain, General health and mood.

Exercises that can be combined with diaphragmatic breathing

To fight obesity you need to choose exercises for all major muscle groups. As a rule, the abdominal muscles, buttocks, legs, arms and back.

Thus, the complex of exercises for beginners:

  • Stand up straight, hold your arms out in front of him, folded the fingertips of both hands with each other. To perform basic respiratory unit, hold breath for 10 seconds to press your fingers on each other as much as possible. Hands should be parallel to the floor.
  • To stand in the knee-elbow position. One leg pull back and rest her toe on the floor. To do basic block and raise the outstretched leg, straining the gluteal muscles.
  • To kneel and perform basic respiratory unit. During a breath hold at the same time put the right hand on the floor to the side and lean on her left hand over the head to tilt to the right and left leg to pull to the left and rests the toe on the floor. Then do the same in the other direction.
  • Lying on back, put feet on floor, legs dissolve, knees pointed toward the ceiling. Hands to pull up. To perform breathing unit and stretch hands to the ceiling, slightly lifting the head, shoulders and upper back.
  • Lie on your back with straight legs. Brush placed under the buttocks. To make the basic block, pull both legs from the floor at 10-15 cm and alternately cross them at an accelerated pace.
  • To rest on the floor knees and hands, right leg pull to the side and put on the toe. To perform breathing exercises, raise the straightened leg and pull it up without bending.
  • Sit on the floor and widely spread his legs out to the sides. Hands rest against the floor behind him. Toes to pull over. To do basic block and bend to the floor, hands outstretched in front of him.
  • Sit on the floor, right leg pulling, and the left to flip through it and put the foot on the floor. The right hand grasp the left thigh and the left arm rest with his hand on the floor behind him. To perform breathing unit and to maximize the body left. Then do the same in the other direction, changing feet in some places.
  • Lie on your back and stretch your legs to the ceiling. Grab hold of your calf muscle and pull toes themselves. To perform breathing unit and pull the straight leg to his helping hands.
  • Balk with your knees and palms on the floor. To perform breathing unit, then simultaneously lower the head and round the back.

The beauty of the face and neck for a couple of minutes training a day

Not only the weight loss may be the goal of the method bodyflex. It can help to tighten the skin of the face and neck, to correct the features of the face, remove double chin. You can use this set of exercises:

  • Stand up straight, slightly spread your legs and place palms on the knees. To perform breathing unit, to raise head to stick out his tongue, clasping his lips and lift his eyes, wide open to the ceiling. To survive in such a position as to be able to hold your breath.
  • Stand up straight, perform a breathing unit. Holding my breath, throw back your head, take direct hands behind your back, push the lower jaw forward and fold down the lips with the letter “o”.
  • Each exercise should be repeated several times.

    First workout, this methodology can cause dizziness. In most cases it is harmless. However, you should take into account contraindications, which include: pregnancy, cancer, hypertension, heart disease and blood vessels, asthma, problems with the thyroid gland.

    The respiratory unit of the bodyflex technique can be used not only during exercise, but also when performing everyday chores. It is thus possible to lose weight and restore your figure after childbirth.

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