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Only proper nutrition

A set of exercises and nutrition program for muscle growth

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A set of exercises and nutrition program for muscle growth

The contents

  • The need of proper nutrition to put on weight
  • Food: theory and practice
  • Women’s power training for mass
  • The best bodyweight exercises
  • Universal training programs

Despite women’s expectations, to gain muscle mass girls harder than men. This is due to physiological characteristics. In the male body produces more of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for building muscles. However, despite this important caveat, the girls still unable to successfully increase the volume they need. For this you will just need to change the diet and include in your daily regimen intensified sports training.

The need of proper nutrition to put on weight

It is believed that the basis weight are only an active force training. This is true, however, of great importance is the diet.

Women menu for muscle building is almost indistinguishable from the male variation, with the exception of the size of the portions. Built food to put on weight at a great intake of protein, which is the main building block for muscle tissue.

Eating for weight loss should be based on the calorie deficit to save weight need a standard rate (about 1200 calories), but for mass, one day calorie will have to increase at least by half. The difficulty lies in the fact that improper diet will not lead to muscle gain and fat accumulation that will adversely affect appearance and health.

To calculate your calorie intake in a day by the formula “weight x 30”. The resulting number will be the standard daily calories at the specified weight. For muscle gains to the resulting figure should be added 500-1000 calories (depending on the total physique of the girl).

Food: theory and practice

In order to build muscle through nutrition, you must follow the following rules and recommendations:

  • consider KBZHU. To increase the muscle volume, you should consume between 10-20% fat, 20-30% protein and 50-60% carbohydrates slow;
  • healthy weight gain ensures healthy unsaturated fats are found in natural vegetable oils, fish, avocados, nuts, and egg yolks;
  • water should be consumed without gas in the amount of not less than 2 liters per day for the normalization of metabolism and a conclusion of products of disintegration;
  • don’t forget the fiber: it is a natural “brush” for the body. Include in the diet more fresh vegetables;
  • meals with increased protein content should prevail in the menu (meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs), but additionally fitness instructors advise to use weight gainers. The cocktails based on the protein that can and should be consumed in the pauses during training and immediately after training. The sooner after performing strength exercises, the body will get protein, the faster will growth of muscle fibers.

Women’s power training for mass

After adjusting the diet to a new food can connect strength training. Every training is better to build on the basic program, especially if the girl is new to the sport. Gradually the load can be changed to carefully consider particular areas of the body.

Workout to weight for women do not differ from men’s. The difference is only one indicator – the limit weight. Girls are not encouraged to perform the exercises with the weight of the shells 15 kg. But in good health, proper training and with the permission of the coach, is it also possible to do. Categorical limitations: it all depends on your goals and motivation.

One of the best female exercises to increase the muscle volume are not only isolated loads for specific muscle groups, but also mnogocwetnye exercise. They help to comprehensively develop the body, strengthen the General muscular system and increase stamina.

The best bodyweight exercises

A list of the most effective exercise for women to increase muscle volume is quite diverse. It includes exercises with additional weights, elements with free weights, as well as training in simulators. On the basis of such a program, each girl shared with the instructor can make an individual training on the ground to regularly perform at home or in the gym.

  • Deadlifts.

Basic physical exercise suitable for both men and women. In the process of implementation involves all major groups of muscles.

  • Squats with the stamp on his shoulders.

Squats with weights that most effectively help to increase muscle volume of the buttocks and thighs. Additionally involved the upper body. The load is perfect not only to increase the amount of muscles, but also to improve power performance.

  • Bench platform in the simulator.

Perfect load to work out the legs and increase the weight of the lower torso. Exercise does not involve the back, making a ruinous strain on the fragile female vertebrae is reduced.

  • Attacks.

Training attacks come in various programmes to strengthen muscles and their capacity. In addition to increasing muscle volume, load allows you to remove sagging from the back of the thigh and strengthen the buttocks. Lunges can be performed in any comfortable weights: dumbbells, barbells of different configurations, fitball, kettlebells, and using the Smith machine.

  • Thrust block to the chest.

This fiznagruzki successfully replaces the conventional pull-UPS, which are particularly difficult to novice athletes. Thrust block builds up the muscles of the arms, upper back and breast area is working.

  • Press the neck by a narrow grip.

Base load with the neck in training courses on mass can continuously vary. For example, changing the position of the hands. So, with a narrow grip rod tension is transferred to other muscles: the Delta and chest.

  • Press the pair of shells in a sit position.

As a complication there may be a kettlebell or dumbbell. Load increasing mass of the deltoid muscles and biceps.

  • Rise on the toes in the simulator.

Despite its simplicity, the load builds up calf and in addition makes the legs stronger. This is important because most training is to ground, performed from a standing position, and feet are used as the main support. The stronger the legs, the more correct is a whole range of barbell exercises.

Universal training programs

The most popular and versatile women’s training to increase muscle mass are the splits: day and four-day.

  • A three-day split.
  • Monday (chest, back, abdominal muscles): deadlifts, Bulgarian squats, thrust block to the chest, lifting a barbell narrow grip.
  • Tuesday (rest).
  • Wednesday (legs, hips, buttocks): squats with a barbell, bench platform legs in the simulator, lunges with neck, flexion-leg extension in the simulator, upgrades to toes in the simulator.
  • Thursday (rest).
  • Friday (upper body, arms): lifting barbells for biceps, pull rod narrow grip, dumbbell bench press the incline, dumbbell bench press seated, pull the neck to the chin.
  • Saturday-Sunday (holiday).
    • The four-day split.
  • Monday (upper body): thrust block to the chest, lifting the neck to the biceps, bench press paired shells sitting down, lifting a barbell narrow grip.
  • Tuesday (legs): squats with the neck on the shoulders, bending the legs in the simulator, upgrades to toes in the simulator, lunges with the neck in the Smith machine.
  • Wednesday (rest).
  • Thursday (upper body): bench press to neck incline bench, the thrust block to the chest, lifting the neck of the biceps, deadlift.
  • Friday (lower torso): the French press of the fretboard, platform lift legs in the simulator, rises on the toes while sitting in the simulator, lunges with barbell hyperextension.
  • Saturday-Sunday (holiday).
  • Increase the muscles the girls will need to spend a lot of energy. To achieve great results will help the combination of proper nutrition with increased protein content, and the use of intensive complex power loads for growth of muscle fibers.

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