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A secret place: 8 common myths about the vagina

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until it is clear that, for example, you work same.

2. Its task is to produce a baby

This is partly true. But there are women who for different reasons are unwilling or unable to give birth and there are children born following caesarean section. None of these situations, again, does not infringe upon the female essence.

3. It smells unpleasant

This happens in case you caught an infection. Then you should consult a doctor. In General, the vagina has a natural smell, who doesn’t, those can be free.

4. For the first time is a lot of blood

Not at all. Some time to stretch hymen intensive sports exercises before sex. So that the presence or absence of blood does not mean anything at all.

5. It’s supposed to be “combed”

No. Your body is your business. If you like a natural look, and go. Want to shave there hearts — please. It is very important to choose the right tools to avoid unpleasant sensations.

6. It does not need to moisturize

Nothing of the sort! Lubricant never hurts. Its use doesn’t mean you’re not excited. That means you’re a normal woman, which would be nicer with extra lubricant.

7. This is the key to orgasm

No. Some work to achieve a vaginal orgasm, and that’s fine. But the clitoris more nerve endings, and you have more chances to get an orgasm exactly with his “help”.

8. She looks the same

Really find two the same vagina as hard as two snowflakes. Color, size, haircut and other features make each vagina is unique.

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