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A program of exercise and nutrition for muscle gain

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A program of exercise and nutrition for muscle gain
The contents

  • Sample fitness classes to stimulate muscle growth
  • Recommendations for exercises to ground
  • Correction diet for muscle gain

Newcomers in the power areas of fitness, usually very quickly gaining muscle mass, by carefully observing all the necessary conditions. And those people who regularly visit a gym and do basic exercises for 2-3 years, having achieved a certain amount of muscle, are often faced with the stabilization of the muscles growth. During this period, the muscles cease to actively develop and increase in volume and, to overcome this stage, you need to make some changes in the training process and increase the amount of protein in the diet.

Sample fitness classes to stimulate muscle growth

Experienced gym attendees to overcome the stabilization period in the development of muscle and to stimulate muscle growth you can take the gym, involving training three times a week. On the first day after a quality workout that includes joint exercises and light cardio, you need to perform the following exercises:

  • Squats (5 sets of 6 repetitions).
  • Flexion of the lower limbs, lying in simulator (4 sets of 8 times).
  • The classic bench press on a horizontal sports bench (3 sets of 10 swings each).
  • Work with the weights on the bars or the gravitron (3 sets of 10 pushups).
  • Curl lying on a bench with a negative slope (at the 50 crunches in each of the 2 approaches).

The second training day to enhance the process of muscle growth you should perform these strength exercises:

  • Deadlifts with a barbell in its classical version or in the version of “sumo” (3 sets 10 times).
  • Bench press bar in the sitting position (6 repetitions in each of the 5 approaches).
  • The breeding of the upper extremities with dumbbells in standing position (4 sets of 8 times).
  • Srage with the weights (4 sets / 8 repetitions).
  • Flexion of upper extremities with lifting barbells for biceps development of the muscles of the shoulders (4 sets of 8 times).
  • Hyperextension to strengthen the muscles of the back (up to 12 times in each of the 4 approaches).
  • Bringing his knees to his chest in a vise on the bar or gravitron (4 sets of 15 reps).

The third training day involves the following exercises:

  • Squats (3 sets of 10 squats).
  • The extension of the lower extremities in the simulator (12-15 times in each of the 3 approaches).
  • Bench press (5 sets of 6 repetitions).
  • The breeding of the upper extremities with dumbbells lying on a flat bench (4 sets of 8 times).
  • Pullups with a wide arrangement of brushes on the bar (4 sets of 8 reps).
  • Classic crunches (2 sets of 50 times).

Recommendations for exercises to ground

To fitness classes held on the above program was the most effective, you need while performing exercise movements to apply the following recommendations of experienced instructors:

  • conducting warm-up and warm-up approaches before the implementation of the main physical activity is an essential part of fitness classes, which in any case cannot be neglected. From the quality of the workout depends not only efficiency, but also minimizing the risk of injury, after which takes a long time to recover, missing a workout or not working at full strength;
  • correct working weight. To use the maximum operating weight should be only basic exercises (squat, bench and deadlift). In other training movements can take a moderate weight that allows you to perform work without technical errors;
  • should be micropolitical gym, alternating between light, medium and heavy training. Light training are those that use projectiles with mass equal to 50-65% of the maximum possible weight, and the elements are executed 10 times. In training sessions of medium intensity work is done for 8 reps with shells weighing 65-80% of your maximum work weight. Heavy high-intensity workouts involve performing exercises with projectiles weighing 80-95% of the maximum, and the number of repetitions in the approach do not exceed 6 times;
  • including in the training movement, you need to choose those that are involved in the work muscle groups not involved when performing a base. In addition, the auxiliary elements of the training must be periodically change, to be able to work out the muscles throughout the body;
  • to stimulate muscle growth you need to constantly increase the load in the gym. This can be done by increasing the working weight or the duration of the period of provision of the load, and by reducing the duration of breaks between sets.

Correction diet for muscle gain

Balanced diet and well-organized mode of food intake play an important role in the process of building muscle through intense weight loads. What nutrients and in what quantity ingested with food, depends on whether the person has enough energy to perform strength exercises and recovery, and the body enough of all components involved in the process of forming new muscle tissue cells.

For active growth of muscles in the diet need to make the following changes:

  • the number of meals should be increased to 6 times a day, 3 of which are considered major and 3 snacks. The amount of servings of main meals should be 100-200 g more snacking. This diet helps to prevent acute hunger and the accompanying stress;
  • the amount of protein in the diet must be not less than 2.5 g per kilogram of body weight. The lack of protein obtained from foods, you can compensate for the consumption of protein shakes and other sports supplements;
  • in the diet should be slow carbohydrates in an amount sufficient to provide the body with energy needed for maintaining normal functioning in the conditions of intense physical exertion, as well as the subsequent recovery.

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