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A program of diet and exercise to gain muscle mass

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A program of diet and exercise to gain muscle mass

The contents

  • Features build mass at home
  • Exercise program for a set amount
  • Fitness training for beginners weight
  • Fitness training ground for advanced athletes
  • Sports nutrition for weight

Even at home you can gain muscle mass. It is not necessary to consult with a trainer or to do hard exhausting exercises.

In achieving the fitness goals will help established sports nutrition for weight and properly made training program with a moderate load. For the timely control of results need to purchase a scale to measure mass and centimeter measurements.

Features build mass at home

To build muscles without visiting the hall and without resorting to doping means, it is only necessary to make a correct program fitness workouts for pumping muscles. In such a power training often includes standard exercise, performed with additional weights. At home it can be barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bodybar and elastic bands with varying degrees of resistance.

Of course, in the walls of the house more difficult to quickly gain a necessary muscle size, because you do not have access to powerful professional machines. However, plus home exercises too: because heavy equipment is not used to injure the ligaments, tendons and muscle fibers is problematic even for the beginner who has not mastered the technique of executing elements.

For beginners and advanced athletes have different training facilities, designed for the use of different weights. Exercise for experienced athletes are more complex and designed primarily to consolidate the results obtained and grinding of the relief has increased muscles.

Exercise program for a set amount

To successfully gain the desired muscle mass at home, you will need to carefully plan your fitness training. Only regular performance and strict adherence to the regime will help you to get exactly the result expected all athletes.

To improve the performance of each fiznagruzki in the overall complex will allow careful consideration of the following recommendations:

  • to weight train at least 2 but no more than 4 times a week so the muscles have time to recover before the next lesson;
  • muscle growth occurs when training takes place in a circular or split-scheme;
  • to muscles sufficiently loaded, and muscle fibers started to grow, the movement must be performed in a slow tempo — at the peak voltage, and fast on the moments of relaxation;
  • rhythmic and steady breathing will help to retain balance and follow the technique, so inhale on the effort and exhale on the relaxation;
  • those who are not sure of the proper execution of certain exercises, refer to the tutorials for fixing the precision movements;
  • a set of muscle mass requires the athlete the average number of approaches (from 5-7 and above) and small number of repetitions (up to 12);
  • the greater the weight of the sports equipment, the more effective the training to ground;
  • always start with warm up that includes stretching elements and finish the training hitch in the form of light Jogging and physical exercises on deep stretching of the muscles.

Fitness training for beginners weight

Budding athletes at home to gain weight will help the following training exercises:

  • squats with barbell (3×12);
  • forward lunges with dumbbells or weights (3×12);
  • rise on the toes while sitting with the neck (4×8);
  • abduction dumbbell back in the inclined posture (3×12);
  • basic pushups (4×8);
  • the military press with dumbbells (3×12);
  • pull the neck to the biceps (4×8);
  • pullover — pull the dumbbell from behind the head (4×8).

Fitness training ground for advanced athletes

This program of fitness training to increase muscle mass will provide advanced athletes beautiful relief of the body will help to maintain muscle tone and to make the muscles more prominent and voluminous. The complex of physical activity included:

  • peremennaya pull the dumbbells towards the biceps (5-6X10);
  • pullover (7×8);
  • the rise of the neck from the chest in a lying position (7×8);
  • distributing of hands with dumbbells in an inclined position (5-6X10);
  • pushups with wide hand positioning (7×8);
  • pull-UPS reverse grip (7×8);
  • squats-plie with a barbell on his chest (7×8);
  • rise on toes with weights while standing (5-6X10);
  • sragi with a barbell (5-6X10);
  • deadlifts (7×8).

The above exercises can be carried out according to the scheme of the superset: the first 5 physical activity are performed one after another without a break, followed by a pause with the rest in 30 seconds. The following 5 loadings are executed one after another until the end, followed by a rest of 60 seconds. For mass, it is necessary to make 2-3 such cycles (depending on the overall physical fitness and endurance of the performer).

Sports nutrition for weight

In addition to sports, the quality of the body is affected and sports nutrition to put on weight. The athlete must pay great attention to his diet, if he wants not only to a powerful body, but also permanently fix the result.

There is a myth, according to which the training ground to have everything you need. However, it is not so: building block for muscles is protein, not carbs, so with the constant use of carbohydrate-containing meals will not increase the mass of muscle fiber and body fat. To avoid this will allow the control of sports nutrition for weight.

The first thing the athlete will need to include in your diet more foods rich in protein (eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, legumes). You should also eat enough foods rich in healthy fats (nuts, fatty fish). To calculate the individual norm KBZHU you can use the power calculators — their variations, there is quite a lot.

Athletes who train on a lot of the recommended 5-6 meals a day menu to all day and not had the feeling of hunger. Also right after the fitness workout, it is recommended to drink one serving of gainer (protein cocktail). Contrary to rumors, protein shakes are not doping means. They consist entirely of natural ingredients with high protein content.

The sooner after exercise the body will receive a portion of the protein, the faster it will begin the reproduction of new muscle fibers. For this reason, professional bodybuilders prefer to drink a weight gainer in between sets or between different types of physical systems.

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