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A month on pumping the priests at home

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There are very few until spring. Less and less time. But in springtime I want to be perfect. How to pump up the ass at home for a month? Read on.

If you work hard, you can achieve anything. This rule applies to pumping of the body, including the priests. Of course, one week of diligent training is unlikely to be noticeable results, but after a month of work, you can reap its first fruits. During this time, the body adapts to regular exercise, tune into change. You will not notice how lose weight and lead to muscle in a pleasant tone. The most important is the combination of training with a normalized daily routine, healthy sleep and proper nutrition. And that your workouts are balanced and useful, we have prepared a set of exercises that will help in the difficult task of leveling priests.

It is important to remember that training will take 40-50 minutes of your time, but not every day, and the next day.

If you follow these simple rules, then pump up the ass for 30 days – not such a difficult task.


A classic of the genre. For anybody not a secret that squats are one of the most effective aides in leveling the gluteal muscles, and not only. It is also tighten the back and legs. And if you pick up the MOP handle, it is possible to practice with a makeshift rod.

Important nuances in the exercise:

  • To avoid back injuries, you need to remember that during the exercise it needs to keep smooth, no rotting in the lower back.
  • In the squat the knees do not protrude over the socks. Booty on the floor don’t need to crawl, it could lead to knee injuries. Thighs should be parallel to the floor surface. And buttocks it is necessary to withdraw as far back as possible.

Already used to the loads? Well. Alagesic! Dumbbells is perfect. But if they are not among your sports equipment, suitable for two filled with sand or water bottle, or backpack draped over her shoulders.


Important nuances in the exercise:

  • Back straight, without bending at the waist, otherwise a great chance to earn intervertebral hernia.
  • As in the previous exercise in the time of the squat your knees should not protrude over the socks, and thighs are definitely parallel to the floor surface.
  • To push the body to the starting point you need the power leg in front.
  • Move up – exhale squat inhale.

Pump up the ass for 30 days is realistic if you at each workout to perform this exercise for 10 repetitions in 3 sets (each leg of course). If necessary, you can add weights.

Leg swings back

Exercise-the cure for kanakakunnu priests. It is focused exclusively on the gluteal muscles.

Consider a Mach leg, on his knees:

  • Starting position – hands and knees.
  • Gradually withdraw the foot back or straightening the leg, or leaving it bent. It is important to remember that at this point it is necessary to control the back. Lower back should not SAG.

Bakes? I want to end this mockery of his body? Do not rush. Your muscles are actively pumping legs and butt. 15-20 repetitions in 3 sets is the optimal load for a beginner your classes girl.

The rise of the pelvis

Great exercise and back to lie down and ass pumped. One of the most effective, by the way.

Consider technique:

  • Lying on your back with bent knees feet.
  • Exhale gradually pushes the pelvis upwards. Fix the position.
  • Also gradually drop the pelvis down.

The main thing that the priest does not touch the floor throughout the exercise. Trust me, the muscles of the buttocks will be fully developed due to the rise of the pelvis in the supine position.

Just a few exercises for 40-50 minutes a day and inflated booty in 30 days you are guaranteed. If it is a dream, it is not far off, just make a wish and start working. Start today and discover how easy it is to change your body in such a short period of time. But it is important not to forget that for the perfect priests have to work out, eat right, get enough sleep and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Success!

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