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A marathon and a baby: the British ran 166 km with a breast pump in hand!

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as Sophie nurtures a baby and the other breast is holding the breast pump. For sporting events of such level is a rare moment! Power ran 166 kilometres in 43 hours and 33 minutes.

Her son Cormac is eating every three hours, but Sophie ran to him just in 16 hours! Before and after the meeting it was decanted without stopping to run, and gave the bottle to her husband, who met her at each stop for rest.

“Oh my God, that was incredible! Cormac eats often, so I had to do it wherever possible. I was very worried that he’s hungry,” says Power.

She had to run slower than before, and make small changes in character movement, considering the fact that she is breastfeeding: “I couldn’t raise the heart rate above a certain level, because the body now not burns fat, and had to take care of yourself. In a normal race I was trying to quickly get to the spot, but now in the first place was pumping and then rest.”

She also believes that maintaining activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy are of great importance: “Many people think that you need to lie down on the couch and just gain weight, because to do anything else is impossible. But this is not the best way to prepare for motherhood. It is important to remain in good shape, be healthy and strong. And as you observe the precautions — is another question.”

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