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A healthy lifestyle for everyone – start walking

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Usually walking is not regarded as a serious load, with the result that the person is idle. Walking is much more useful than many people think, walking change any life for the better.

Overweight and obesity is becoming the number one problem in civilized countries. Perspective is complemented by the development of related problems – diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. If you add quite a bit of physical activity, many problems can be avoided.

According to the logic of the average person benefits only an intense workout, walking is considered too weak a load, as a result, people continue to do nothing and store fat on their bodies. Active life need somewhere to start, and the first step will be the habit of daily walks. A walk in your area on will take a long time, it will use almost 200 muscles and prevent health problems.

The benefits of daily walking:

  • Support action for weight loss and maintenance of body weight;
  • The increase in energy levels;
  • Walk with a friend is lots of fun, with myself – meditation session;
  • Reduction of stress levels;
  • Increase endurance;
  • Reducing the risk of development of dangerous diseases;
  • Reduction of muscle tone;
  • Excellent state of health.

The walk can not be considered as a serious load, but the transition from inactivity to daily walks will bring stunning results. Habit of walking every day makes people more active, they begin to move more, and do not notice how gradually improves the condition.

Walk at lunch time would be a great alternative seat in the workplace or in the coffee shop, as well as the most useful of all variations of communication – meet with friends or talking on the phone do not have in the sitting position. The time spent in the fresh air, will bring not only physical benefits, while walking on the street, people are born the most creative ideas and solutions to the accumulated problems.

You can walk, even while watching TV, walk in place is more useful than lying on the couch.

Habit to move for short distances without a car will save time in finding Parking space, refusal to travel one or two stops on the public transport will save money for the fare.

Even in the busy schedule there is always a 30-60 minute walk, you should start with small distances and then expand the distance of routes. Every walk should start slowly with a 3-5 minute walk at a relaxed pace, then if you want you can pick up the pace. When walking at a fast pace it is impossible to stop suddenly, the last few minutes of the walk gradually slow down the step. The habit of walking each day is very quickly established, and you can’t imagine a day without a walk at any time of the year.

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