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A healthy Jo*s: how we make a fool of hitonari in Instagram

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I go to a regular gym network. In front of the treadmills we have a TV. However, it is not entertaining running: the sound is off, and twist the same.

Like right bullying us have already laid out a round sum for the ticket, again and again, show advertising, which aims to lure women into fitness. The plot is simple: cute slender girl a bit shy about their appearance, because wearing a skirt MIDI and a drop of her shoulders. But friends dragged her to class: they’re Flirty pedaling elliptical, languidly raise their little dumbbells, take a nice looking pose in group exercise yoga. And here’s the result: still the same sweet model looks lady — but in a bold t-shirt and bright leggings. Hard squats with a barbell. Look, she definitely has an ass.

I look at the neighbors across the hall. None of us are cute young girls with model looks. However, last week for a free trial workout went a bunch of Schoolgirls. They took a selfie, talked on the phone, peresvodili feet in a special simulator (just as he is good that does not interfere with talking on the phone) and never returned. I suspect the girls sensibly decided that leggings on and so they look good, no need to sweat and money to waste.

But among us there is an elderly man who is recovering from a heart attack. We here are always gloomy nurse with incredibly strong hands. There is a young grandma who comes on a workout, while the granddaughter at the preparatory school across the street. Here goes the lunch lady at my house, she always cardigans with long sleeves, because the hands are burned from boiling water. In the corner, where the thrust of iron, I see a man of such small stature that the comrades in the hall always drags the box to him when it comes time to train pullups. There is a touching couple with a small child and they do in turn. Someone watching the baby in the lobby, someone has to make approaches, then switch. It is still obvious that sleep parents is rarely. Have older mom: her daughter is already able to wait alone, while the woman, uhnov for the whole room, not leaving for the last time on the floor of the bar with a heavy pancakes.

None of us like the fitness star of Instagram. Who do we inspire? We have beautiful handbags, we don’t go to the gym in shorts and bras — well, it’s not encouraged. Hey! After you others still on the bench lie. Those of us who dare to take a selfie in the mirror, you see there sweaty flushed people with tousled hair. And be honest, with thin, dry muscles and traced cubes bad for most, including men, able to do push-UPS with one hand. On the face we are different, but have one common quality: for some reason on anyone during training does not hold the makeup. None of us will get a postcard in the style of federacin. We are not sexy.

And yet, everyone here is a source of inspiration. Each and everyone who came to the hall, something overcame this. Somebody went to the time and put the hours of training between home and work. Someone who overcame fear — the fear that everyone will see: you’re not like in the promotional video. On the run you don’t look sexy, you with a ferocious and comical at the same time face shake and fall down. Each puts personal records, each conquers himself. Stretching a centimeter more, plank a second longer. Perhaps these small victories will bring significant rewards: another six months of life an elderly person, less colds in the middle of the school year the teacher, and someone will be able next summer belobrovik family and she will forever remain in the memory of children.

On the way home I again look in Instagram. This time I reserved, no blogger familiarity, offer to love themselves, to reach harmony and to discover their unique personality. Already better! But, judging by the visual imagery, unique individual still begins with the buttocks. But what is the next inspirer crawled pants. And I want to mention: the freedom of the body! Of course! I’m not a prude. But another sport, the lady publishes from someone else’s photo of someone in the body and outraged by the audacity — how can publish anything bodypositive how crazy like him. You see, Olympus a healthy lifestyle needs to be filled with ideal and desirable bodies.

And peak fitness of hypocrisy is, perhaps, competitions fitness bikini where the girls go, not only in bikini but also on the studs, and concrete stage makeup. Normal practice in this kind of competitions take diuretic and the day before the speech to stop drinking water. Discipline, as written in the official brochure of the organizers, is aimed at women, “which maintain your body in good physical shape and adhere to a healthy diet”. And what kind of hormones they take what they have and then swelling and eating disorders, are lost if they have monthly — behind the scenes.

In the frame — a motivating picture.

Text: Elizaveta Ponomareva

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