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A good set of exercises for weight loss home fitness

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A good set of exercises for weight loss home fitness

The contents

  • Fitness exercise for home training
  • Quick weight loss with the power and cardiogenetic
  • Yoga and aerobics like a gentle version of the class

The most common cause of weight gain — the inability to strike a balance between the income and calorie intake. The principle of weight loss is based on the same rule: in order the fat reserves began to be processed into energy, it is necessary either to reduce the amount of food consumed or increase the calories. Smaller portions and restrictions often have a negative impact on the health and emotional condition, so more convenient method of losing weight increasing physical activity to burn the reserves of fat. The ideal option would be equal to the ratio of calories absorbed from food and expended in the result of fitness exercise. Physical activity may be different, it is only necessary to choose the right kind of load in accordance with its goals.

Fitness exercise for home training

The most common version of the fitness classes — home workouts. They are suitable for people who do not have time to visit a sports hall, as well as those who are shy in crowded places and shy in front of other people. To weight loss was quick and efficient, you need to observe some simple rules:

  • excluded from the diet of harmful products, to revise the trip menu according to the consumed number of calories;
  • to engage regularly, at least 3 times a week for 40 minutes;
  • heart rate during training should be increased: 70-80% of maximum heart rate;
  • in the process of training in the work should engage all muscle groups.

We should not expect instant effect to get the result, you should adhere to a predetermined program at least a month.

For home workouts, you can choose any exercise according to their their degree of preparedness. For lower body squats especially effective. It should not stay on the classic version: changes in body position when squat, a variation width between the feet, the different weights help to shift the load on the right muscles, and thus to study different groups. In the initial stages it is enough to perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions, then the number of repetitions increase.

Leg swings help to give the silhouette smooth lines, firm and tighten the muscles of the legs. The various embodiments:

  • standing on all fours, alternately withdrawn legs back and up;
  • from the same position of the right leg laterally;
  • lying on the floor, gently tear the legs off the floor and cross over them;
  • standing at the tower with the force is removed the legs backwards, or sideways;
  • lying on side, raise and lower straight leg.

Hanging the sides and belly will ruin any figure, because it is very important to strengthen the muscles of the body and abdominals. For these purposes the slopes. First, perform a series of movements forward and down, then sideways. But it should be remembered that belly fat does not go away from physical activity. To remove the folds of fat, you need to carefully control their food. Exercise will only strengthen muscles, but abs will not be visible until the body fat percentage will not decrease.

All exercises should be performed 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions. Gradually increase the load: add the number of repetitions and approaches, reduce the rest periods between movements, use weights.

Quick weight loss with the power and cardiogenetic

Often on the way of losing weight has to face different obstacles: there is no time for classes; the presence of contraindications to physical activity; excessive weight that hinder the exercise. We should not immediately abandon thoughts about the harmony, because the weight reduction will help even regular walking. In the early stages when the body is not yet ready for prolonged exertion, it will be sufficient to abandon the use of motor vehicles, if the workplace is nearby. Favorable walk in the Park or on city streets. Gradually, the walking should increase, bringing them to an hour or more. The desire and willingness to provide proper care, you can bring your dog — in this case walking 2 times a day will be inevitable.

More prepared people are recommended Jogging. They are more actively burning extra fat, but should be ready for an increased load on the joints. Also effective for losing weight jumping rope, stepper or step. Another option active weight loss are dancing. Choose to be closest in spirit to the direction that the sessions were not of a compulsory nature. Home is convenient to carry out the classes with the help of video tutorials — this will help to precisely repeat the movements to the rhythm of the music.

Weight training is a long-term remedy to fat burning. After an intense 40-minute workout from the processing of fat does not stop: energy continues to be spent on the restoration of microdamage in the muscle, obtained in the course of employment. You should also consider the fact that the more muscle you have, the more energy is required to maintain the health of the body.

To losing weight has to be safe, to learn exercises should be primary:

  • Bench press with dumbbells helps to strengthen the muscles of the chest and hands. Perform 2 sets of 8 times.
  • Lifting dumbbells while standing straight grip. Arms down at your sides, then raise the dumbbells to the shoulders, and slowly lowered. Work should not occur due to the inertial forces. Perform 2-3 sets of 8 times.
  • Lowering the dumbbells behind your head. Perform sitting: this dumbbell is raised over the head and bending the elbow, lower back. Perform 15 times.
  • Lying on the floor, the foot rests on the floor. On inhale lift hips up, exhale return. Repeat 15 times.
  • Twisting is performed in two variants. Lying on the floor, tear off shoulders from a floor, after returning to initial position. Second option: lie on back, legs raised perpendicular to the floor. It is recommended to perform 30 repetitions of each option.

The weight of the dumbbell is selected in accordance with their own capabilities, thus he must allow to perform the whole range of exercises without a lot of pauses.

Yoga and aerobics like a gentle version of the class

In cases where physical activity is contraindicated due to joint problems or too much weight, comes the aerobics. Classes in water reduces body weight which helps relieve the pressure on blood vessels, heart and joints. At the same time, water resistance exerts a heavy pressure on muscle tissue, strengthening it. Movement aerobics is simple and intuitive, their implementation is not difficult people, facing with the similar kind of class. Also swimming calms the nervous system, relieves stress and nervousness, gives a charge of vivacity.

Another gentle option for weight loss is yoga. It restores metabolism, stimulates the burning of excess fat, involves muscle entire body. Through yoga asana has a positive effect on the internal organs of man:

  • asanas “Wise man” and “Fish” establish the digestive tract clean of toxins the kidneys and liver;
  • poses “Warrior”, “Wood”, “Chair” develop coordination, strengthen muscles, legs and body;
  • asanas “the Plow”, “birch” taking the load off the spine, improve the functioning of the abdominal organs;
  • inclined yoga postures stretch the muscles and ligaments, relieves tension and fatigue;
  • asanas relaxation “Savasana”, “Balasana” help to relax and restore alertness.

The first time can be 15-20 minutes. Then the load increase, adapting it to the needs of the body.

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