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A favorite game of children for the shape

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Remember how enjoyed playing “the house” on the street? Fun simple in technique, but all genius is simple: it helps to develop flexibility and improve physical performance. Basic types of exercises and the rules of the game, look below.

Common rules

Remember how we played in childhood, and who were not involved – “shakes on a mustache”. You will need at least 3 people: two be inside the gum and stretch it, and 3rd jumps on a piece of gum with an average length of 3 m. it All starts with a simple level: it is necessary to perform the required jumps, not stumbled, and then you go to another level – it rises higher and finally reaches the complex – from the waist up. At each new level, the player repeats the given exercise. When he strays, another man takes his place and the loser is with the elastic.

If you want, you can even play pairs, simply change the exercise and come up with new tenancies.

Here everyone is ready to show imagination and come up with your jumping circuit, but we will tell you about the most popular.

Standard rules are:

  • Clues may, or may not. For example, if the elastic for the laces on the shoes, you can get the Bouncing to take your shoes off or, on the contrary, not to remove, if it is not provided by the rules established by the group.
  • “Wisconsky” and no. When the player comes on the rubber, and it slips out from under his feet — it’s called “fiskalische”.
  • The elastic band can move under the action of wind, causing discomfort during exercise. According to the rules, should you choose to stop or not. The kids call “stop the sea”.
  • Players and/or land “hot”. In case of loss of balance of the player, he may not be allowed to touch other players or the ground.
  • Attempts to “Gilgit” – jumping to distract or interfere. Sometimes these modalities are resolved, especially when it is necessary to understand whether the admitted mistake. “Gilda prove” implies the possibility of “proprygat” scheme.

How to jump

Rules for the implementation are very simple.

  • First jump 1st part of the gum, and then through the 2nd.
  • At each hop rubber must remain between the feet.
  • To do this we need a number of how many years running the scheme, and after the jump.
  • “Peshehodniki”

    Take a position – stand facing the strips of gum. You should follow this scheme so that 1 bar was being stepped on, and then do the same with the 2nd.


    Initial position – stand facing the strips of gum. Jump on the nearby strip of its way so that 1 foot was pinned under the elastic, and the 2nd was under it. You should change the location of the legs, make the jump for the 2nd half.


    To complete the scheme you stand face to strips of gum. Jump on the adjacent strip so that 1 foot crushed her, and the 2nd was below. Jump for the 2nd stripe, not throwing the 1st (feet symmetrical!). Take the leap outside of this area.

    “The handkerchief”

    Turn your face to the elastic and then jump on the next strip, pinning her 2nd legs. Half near you, should be cut to the legs. Now you want to jump over the strips. In addition, there is another scheme where you do not want to attack, and jump over the far side.


    The initial position of the schema – standing inside the clip, Skorzeny like candy. Jump, let it take its normal position, and touch down into 2 parts.


    I. p. – side to the elastic. Make the jump for the far side, hitting near the strip in the process of the jump. Jump up and get rid of her, stepping into 2 halves. Try to jump out.

    “Boat” (second name “the ship”)

    Beginning similarly to the previous scheme. No need to step on the strip to jump, because her stripes are between your feet. You need to cross them in one direction and then in another. When the strips are between the legs, is to jump.


    Stand facing the person holding the rubber band so that 2 strips are placed between her legs. To jump press down the adjacent strips. To repeat the scheme by the number of your age.


    Do the following on the 1st leg: jump between two strips and the outside.

    “A kerchief”

    Raise 1st leg adjacent the strip and moved her further back. Turn around during a jump the other way and don’t let her go, with the 2nd leg should be located on the strip. Jump out so the closest strip is located between the legs.


    Rubber band remains on the leg of participants-holders. The scheme consists of 2 parts:

    • Face standing, foot touches beyond, so she eventually settled down before the next part, flatten her feet. Jump get rid of the stripes and touch down both strips.
    • Face-to-standing. Draw to itself a part, so she was in front of the nearest, 2nd and flatten her feet. Jump up, get rid of strips and touch down on a nearby strip, placing it between the legs. Try not to hurt the 2nd.


    Try gradually every element with Bouncing on the spot:

  • in the 1st time – jump 3 times, then 2 and 1.
  • Rise up to standing sideways, jump 4 p. on the spot and after the 1st leap bring the leg on the next part (take 3 R), move 2nd part.
  • When 2 feet are between rubber bands. Jump up 3 R on the spot after you move the leg over a long strip of gum (do a few jumps on the scheme “1-2-3″).
  • Then turn another side and do the same, but Bouncing 2 times.
  • Then again, it is necessary to turn and bounce already 1 time.
  • Try not to get confused with turns and jumps. In conclusion, exercise jump only 1 time.


    The essence of the method – each element of the scheme was accompanied with the following speech: “Le”, “NIN”, “castle”, “ski”, “e”.

    The Scheme “Moscow”

    The same principle, that of the “Leningrad”.


    Your task – to repeat the specified circuits a few times. In particular, you should run:

  • 10 normal jumps;
  • 9 then oblique;
  • 8 “needles”;
  • 7 “violets”;
  • 6 “birches”;
  • 5 “kerchiefs”;
  • 4 “candy”;
  • 3 “pencil”;
  • 2 “bow”;
  • 1 “pedestrian”.
  • It is important to start with 10 jumps, and exercises can be modified.

    Bungy jumping can be done in different ways: it is permissible to enter more difficult levels to pull the elastic even at the height of the chest or neck. After mastering the initial levels to improve skills, it remains only to apply imagination. The game of “elastic” is useful not only for the development and health of children, but also to improve the coordination skills and agility in adults.

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