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A complex physical exertion to increase endurance

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A complex physical exertion to increase endurance
The contents

  • General information
  • Differences in the type of physical activity
  • Features of the organization of endurance training
  • Any physical activity is better?
  • Documented information about fitness training session
  • Tempo training
  • Intensity of physical activity and medicine

For beginners the increased muscle performance, their willingness to long-term physical exercise — the question is quite relevant. Today we will thoroughly investigate the problem and find the answer on how to improve the performance of endurance through running. And also pay attention to pharmacological drugs, a positive effect on the ability of the athlete to carry heavy loads for a long time. Jogging is selected as the tool to improve endurance because it is the easiest and most efficient way of organizing training that does not require the use of special sports equipment.

General information

The term “endurance” in sports refers to the body’s ability to do hard physical work without any loss of quality movements. Endurance is conventionally divided into two kinds.

  • Common.

It characterizes the ability to perform normal work for a long time with good efficiency.

  • Special.

Its value shows how much the athlete is willing to intense physical stress the specific nature and able to resist fatigue in a particular sport.

For fans of physical education, fitness exclusively for health, it is important to develop General endurance. Athletes who are working on the result, requires special endurance.

Differences in the type of physical activity

Sports science identifies 2 main types of physical activity.

  • Aerobic.

They are called cardio. They stimulate the heart, improve the quality of the functioning and plasticity of blood vessels, helps burn excess fat, increase the useful volume of the lungs.

  • Anaerobic.

Their main direction is to provide the increase in strength and muscle coverage.

The main source of energy in the aerobic movements in nature is oxygen. For physical performance in the sports elements of the anaerobic type require the removal of energy from body reserves.

Considering the types of physical activities in relation to the problem of improving endurance, we note that a more preferable are aerobic types of movements such sports activities as:

  • athletics;
  • skiing and skating;
  • aerobics;
  • walking.

In addition to improving endurance, aerobic sports items and bring many other benefits:

  • increases the bone density;
  • reduces the risk of diabetes;
  • removed from the body toxins;
  • improved sleep;
  • increases the body’s resistance to stress.

Aerobic types of physical loads enough natural human. This is usually simple movements that we perform every day. Therefore, to enhance your endurance by increasing the time Jogging, walking outdoors, Cycling or skiing. Of course, for professional athletes this is not enough. Their intensity of physical activity should be much higher. Only then can we talk about the serious willingness of the body for competition.

Features of the organization of endurance training

To quickly increase the level of endurance you need to run. It is preferable to train on rough terrain where there are natural UPS and downs. The pace at which beginners should be such that it was possible from time to time to talk on the run, gasping for breath.

The approximate speed of the movements can be calculated as: 20 seconds need to climb up about 30 steps. The duration of the running part of the workout should be at least 20 minutes. Before class do not forget to do warm-up and after hitch.

As you strengthen muscles and increase endurance running time should be increased. It is also recommended to run the hills with a slope more than 8 degrees, alternating ascents with descents and flat sections.

Any physical activity is better?

You can run slowly and quickly. What physical activity would be better for endurance?

Intensity of physical activity different impact on the body. For those who want to improve overall endurance enough to run at a slow or average pace for 20 minutes a day, alternating walking and running. For example, 30 seconds of running, then 5 minutes walk at an average pace. This series need to be repeated 7-8 times.

Speed endurance coaching differently. The essence of these lessons is to run short segments at a fast pace. You can start with a distance of 50 meters and 6-8 repetitions. For each following training on speed endurance, increase the distance or number of repetitions.

Gradually moving from short lengths to long. For example, set a goal to run 800 meters 4 times in 3.5 minutes. If not — repeat the exercise with these initial data until then, until you run out of time.

Stamina you can train and a long run to slow, medium and fast pace. This option is suitable for trained athletes. Running speed is selected in such a way that it was approximately 70-80% of the maximum for the selected distance.

Documented information about fitness training session

The most rational way to develop endurance in novice athlete is documentation of all important information about the training. This means that for Jogging will need to make a plan and strictly adhered to. It should contain schedules, fitness workouts, the number of running exercises and their duration for each session.

It is important to document your results and based on these data, to plan further training. And remember that any physical activity is a tangible stress to the body. Therefore, after each session, you need to fully relax and to sleep.

Tempo training

A good way of development of special endurance is the tempo run. What is it?

Tempo training involves running long distances as fast as possible. However, you need to understand that the selected speed should be maintained throughout the course.

Include tempo running workout should be no more than 1 times a week, substituting it for short or long periods. For athletes who are just beginning the training process, the first distance of the tempo run can be 1 kilometer. At each subsequent session can be added to the distance of the tempo run 1-2 kilometers.

Intensity of physical activity and medicine

Training for endurance require a lot of energy. After a long or high speed training an athlete needs a good restoration. If you frequently use a intense physical exercise, the effectiveness of the athletic training may be severely degraded. To recover faster and easier to carry heavy loads will help the drugs drugs. They are classified into the following groups:

  • Debilitating.

They activate the hidden potential of the body, but require a lengthy recovery after ingestion. Such drugs include caffeine, mesocarb.

  • Metabolic.

You can use them for a long time: there are no contraindications. This group includes steroids and nootropics.

  • Combined.

Stimulate the body’s production of glucose, which is the synthesis of energy. An example of such medication is dexamethasone.

  • With secondary action.

These drugs are very individual, depending on the characteristics of the organism of the athlete.

Before you can use pharmacology to enhance performance, you should always consult with a physician. But it is possible to do and natural products, able to increase the reserves of the body. This can be a quality coffee, green tea, dried fruit, honey.

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