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A complex of simple exercises for improving flexibility of the spine

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A complex of simple exercises for improving flexibility of the spine
The contents

  • The positive effects of fitness and contraindications to them
  • A set of simple and effective exercises for the back
  • Useful recommendations for fitness workouts

Flexible spine and strong muscles surrounding him, the guarantor of health and longevity of man. Any degenerative changes in the spinal column and the slightest irregularities in the work of the entire musculoskeletal system sooner or later inevitably lead to various dysfunctions and diseases. To prevent such negative health effects, need to systematically perform specific exercises to enhance flexibility of the back.

The positive effects of fitness and contraindications to them

Systematic fitness training with the load on the spine and the muscular corset is having such a positive effect on the human body:

  • the spine becomes more flexible;
  • muscles the bark is stronger and is securely fixed to the spine, thereby improving posture and gait;
  • increases mobility of joints and, consequently, the functionality of the whole articular-ligamentous apparatus.
  • occurs prevention of back pain and prevents the development of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

However, in spite of the tremendous benefits of such fitness, in some circumstances, their conduct may trigger a worsening condition. We are talking about the presence of diseases in which uncontrolled to provide a specialist stress on the back is not recommended. These conditions include the following:

  • kyphosis, scoliosis in the last stages of development and other degenerative changes of the spine;
  • arthritis;
  • osteoporosis bone tissue;
  • hernias;
  • injury to connective tissues and muscles.

A set of simple and effective exercises for the back

In the absence of the above contraindications fitness training for the back may be based on the following training complex, in which optionally, you can add other movements to stretch the spine and increase its flexibility:

  • Exercise “Boat”.

Mat on the floor fitness Mat or blanket to lie on her stomach and rests the forearms into the floor at ear level. Doing a deep breath, lift the torso, caved in the lumbar back and, lifting his forearm from the floor. At the highest point of the hoist way to the floor to do with his hands. To fix the resulting posture for several seconds, exhaling, again to rest on the forearms and lie down on your stomach. Before each subsequent repetition of this element of the fitness training you need to put the hands under the forehead, raise the elbows to the sides and relax.

  • Turns the knee.

Lie back, resting his soles on the floor. Pull the upper limbs at the sides and take a deep breath, send both knees to the right, trying to touch the hip of the floor for 2-3 seconds. Return the knees in the forward initial position and, breathing again, in a similar way to tilt them to the left. When performing exercises it is impossible to tear off a torso from a floor.

  • Vertical twisting or bending, standing on a hill.

To implement them will need a low maximum sustainable platform on which to stand, placing feet as close as possible to its edge. Then the exercise you inhale, bend your neck by pushing your chin to your chest and slowly twist the spine, starting from the thoracic and lumbar ending. To bend the way you want so low to get to get your palms to the edge of the platform. In the lower position should be delayed for 2 seconds and slowly return to the starting position, straightening first, the lower back, then upper back and at the last moment — the neck.

  • Exercise “Cat”.

To take a horizontal position, fixed at floor knees and hands, which should be under the hip and shoulder joints respectively. Breathing in, bend at the waist, pointing your head and shoulders up. Exhale, return to starting position. In the next breath, you need to arch your back arc, lowering his chin to his chest. Repeat the deflections several times.

  • The slopes to the feet.

To fulfill this element of the fitness training you need, sitting on the floor, greatly to breed straight lower limbs. The body should be straight, and head over to the outstretched hands, hold the additional weight. Doing a deep breath, strain the press and bend one leg, trying to reach the cargo to the foot and the ear to touch the knee. Being in this position, it is necessary for a few seconds to carry out a series of springing movements and straighten up, returning to starting position. Breathing in again, repeat the exercise leaning to the other lower limb.

  • Inclinations in the parties with the weights.

Stand up straight, take in one hand a dumbbell or any other object of sufficient mass that is convenient to use instead of the sports projectile. Put feet on the width of the pelvis, tilt your body to the side of the hand with the fitness weighting. To keep balance, you need to free the upper limb to hold over my head. Having unbent, to repeat the item fitness classes, leaning in the opposite direction.

  • Turns the body sitting on the chair.

Sit with a straight spine on a chair with a high back, the knees bend and the feet put close to each other. Holding both hands over the back of a chair, you need to maximize the body, twisting the spine. When he reached the extreme pivot points, make a pause lasting up to 20 seconds after standing, perform the exercise again, but in the other direction.

Useful recommendations for fitness workouts

To fitness classes to improve flexibility was extremely productive and as safe as possible, they need to follow the following tips:

  • when you exercise you must move slowly, gradually increasing the amplitude;
  • to exercise regularly in the morning or evening. Classes in the morning will help to increase the mobility of the locomotor apparatus after sleep, and in the evening to relieve tension in the back that had accumulated during the day;
  • at occurrence of pain need to immediately interrupt the operation. To continue a fitness workout is possible only after the normalization of. If the pain persists for a long period of time and, moreover, increases, the need to see a specialist.

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