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A complex of fitness exercises for the relief of the body

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A complex of fitness exercises for the relief of the body
The contents

  • The basics of building a raised body
  • Advice on nutrition
  • The best exercises for the relief of the body
  • The rules for constructing fitness program

To obtain good effect of exercise, regardless of their goals, the most important are two things: proper nutrition and regular physical activity. When working on the ground and in the relief ration is about the same, but the exercises and approach to training differs significantly. And if you make the body bulky and pumped under force not to everyone because of different physical characteristics and other factors, to draw a beautiful relief muscles can absolutely anyone.

The basics of building a raised body

Work on the relief of muscle requires considerable effort, will and long time. The last point is largely dependent on the athlete’s weight, which greatly slows down over the beautiful body.

About 70% of success in achieving the desired appearance depends on diet and nutrition. Your body started to burn fat and muscle was beautifully drawn on the body, you need to create a deficit of calories so that it does not affect the energy level, brain activity and normal functioning of the body.

In this issue one should not neglect individual characteristics of each person. All of us from birth have their own body type, which to some extent depends on how you want to build your diet and fitness program:

  • endomorphism fight the hardest, because their metabolism is concentrated on the set of muscles and fat, and therefore the number of calories they should be very limited;
  • ectomorphy initially thin, so to find relief for them is not too difficult, but at breaks in fitness workouts their muscle mass quickly goes away;
  • mesomorphism were lucky most of all, they have the nature of muscular and subcutaneous fat is minimal.

Depending on your body type and you should create a workout program, determine the number of sets and reps, weight weights and total caloric intake.

Advice on nutrition

Proper nutrition is an important factor of building a beautiful toned body, but without the fitness classes at the gym or productive work in the home to create the relief will not succeed. A man with poor diet and lack of exercise is likely to be very thin, the girl will gain a slender but her figure is flabby.

In order for the effect of exercise was maximal, you should follow these basic rules of nutrition:

  • the maximum eliminate from your diet quick carbohydrates: sugar, fizzy drinks, any pastry, pasta, white rice;
  • slightly reduce the total consumption of complex carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables);
  • reduce the amount of fats in the diet and prefer healthy (vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, avocado);
  • increase intake of protein foods needed for growth and repair muscle (milk and milk products, lean meats, eggs, legumes).

To monitor your progress conduct a weight check once a week in the morning before Breakfast. If you do not see the changes in body weight, you should slightly reduce the calorie content of your diet. In addition, successful weight loss also affects a person’s ability to correctly cope with stress, especially for overly emotional girls. Therefore, an important part of work on the body relief is learning stress management.

Sports nutrition can also provide good help when you build a beautiful body. During exercise the body is depleted, and the daily diet is not able to provide him with all the necessary nutrients, so a cocktail of whey protein and essential amino acids will contribute to his full recovery.

The best exercises for the relief of the body

There are many exercises that are ideal for working on terrain, here are some of them:

  • Regularly three basic exercises such as the bench press, deadlift and squats with weights. All you need to do 4 sets of each, first two with more weight weights, and the latter with less, focusing on the number of repetitions.
  • Do the lifting on the biceps, holding a dumbbell reverse grip or hammer grip. Just follow these 4 sets of 20 repetitions.
  • Front shoulder broach will help develop the shoulder muscles if you do it in the same amount as the previous exercise.
  • To make straightening your arms at the triceps in the block simulator, zigzag neck or with dumbbells.
  • To train your chest muscles to better perform the layout of dumbbells lying on an exercise bench with a different inclination, as well as in the crossover.
  • The press is the only muscle that you should not work out using weights, but to do the exercises for it should be every workout and with lots of repetitions. Best are direct and oblique twists, plank, lift leg raises and their variations.
  • Legs are best to work with the simulator for flexion and extension of the legs, clearly having studied the technique of the exercise and not forgetting the strain on the calf muscles.
  • To work on back muscles, you must be careful, when a lack of training for avoiding heavy weights. The best exercises are various traction as well as breeding dumbbell in the slope.
  • The rules for constructing fitness program

    Correct program of training is half the battle in achieving relief of the body, so observe the following principles of lesson plan:

    • basic exercises and exercises for the abdominal muscles do in every workout;
    • directly after warm-up do the base and then the rest of the complex;
    • in one workout it is advisable to work out two muscle groups, combining together, antagonists, or large muscle group with a small;
    • in one week you need to effectively load the muscles of the body;
    • circuit training in the terrain is better not to use;
    • break between sets should be no more than one minute.

    Aside from proper diet and regular exercise, form a beautiful relief on the body helps restful sleep, taking vitamin complexes and drinking regime.

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