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9 women’s mistakes in losing weight

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Why women permanently lose weight? Probably because they can’t find the right way of getting rid of excess weight. These stupid mistakes in weight loss is characteristic for each girl.


Say that to lose weight is difficult, but any deal will be complicated, if you encounter it for the first time. Girls often discuss the topic of weight loss, looking for new ways to get rid of excess weight permanently lose weight. This is a view from the side, but if we consider the problem from the inside, it becomes clear that all women make the same mistakes in losing weight.

Too much protein

Protein in the diet is very important, so many are wondering how it can be too much. Protein is essential for building muscles and repair of cells to provide the body with energy, and accelerate metabolism. But if there is too much protein will hurt the kidneys, the body will not have time to learn that will turn a new diet.

The average norm for women is 46 grams of protein per day.
Up friend

Women often discuss the issue of weight loss and take an example to each other. Often girls from one company or one business team sitting on a diet, try the same remedies for weight loss. Every woman’s body is unique, so universal method of weight loss does not exist, we need a methodology which will be suitable for you personally.

Avoidance of fats

Nutritionists are tired of repeating that fats are divided into good and bad. To abandon the good fats is unhealthy and unpromising for weight loss, they do satiety longer and prevent overeating.

Days Camila

Cicely regular, i.e. scheduled breaks in the diet, contribute to weight loss – they maintain morale. But there is spend the whole day Camila and do it often enough, the meaning of dieting is lost. The opportunity to make cicmil does not mean allowing a whole day for unhealthy high-calorie foods.

Skipping meals

Many girls think that skipping meals is good, the day the body receives less calories. It works differently if you want to lose weight you cannot skip meals. Missed meals lead to slow metabolism and overeating.

The same food

Women do their diet on a diet such as if you want to punish yourself for the appearance of excess weight. As punishment they choose mono-diet, when the diet is limited to one or more products. This kind of diet will impoverish the diet, the body suffers from nutritional deficiency. On these diets you can lose weight, but immediately after the diet he will return again.

Counting calories

The calorie count is not bad, it will allow to understand how many calories received from food for the day, and adjust the amount of food. But calorie counting is impossible to put the above into account the nutritional value of products. The diet should be not only low calorie, but balanced.

The lack of planning

Weight loss is impossible without planning of the diet. If you don’t know what to eat for lunch or dinner, we eat what comes to hand. If you forget to buy food, it will increase the temptation of ordering high-calorie takeout. When planning a diet for at least a few days you’ll know what products to buy, what dishes to prepare.

Gullibility to advertising

Girls often believe what they want to believe, for example, in the advertising promises. There is a whole list of foods that are marketed as healthy but are not. The most common objects of deception is granola, energy bars, smoothies, and prepared salads, packaged fruit juices, canned soups, and vitamin drinks.

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