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9 ways to look younger than their years and live longer

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Most people mistakenly believe that the return of the youth is possible only through plastic surgery, cosmetic products and procedures. There are less drastic ways to look younger than your real age that have a beneficial impact on the appearance and on the body. There are many ways to extend the life and look younger and the most effective acknowledged of the following nine.

The contents

  • 1. Coffee — the secret of longevity
  • 2. The relationship between testosterone and life expectancy
  • 3. Keep the level of estrogen
  • 4. Overeating is the worst enemy of health
  • 5. Curcumin you need to eat daily
  • 6. Chile — source of nutrients and longevity
  • 7. The antioxidant levels should always be normal
  • 8. The sprint
  • 9. Aspirin is another tool in the fight for youth

1. Coffee — the secret of longevity

A person who chooses to extend its life, daily need to drink at least three or four cups of fragrant invigorating drink. It can be regular or decaf. The mechanism of action of coffee on the body is not fully understood. Refreshing, flavorful taste of this drink allows you to feel inflow of vivacity and forces. And the more coffee a person drinks, the longer he will live.

Evidence of lower mortality among fans of this drink are the two studies. One was held in 2012, when the deaths of 400 thousand people on 6-16% was higher in those who denied themselves the pleasure of drinking coffee. Japanese scientists conducted a similar study but took the data over 19 years, and numbers increased sharply, showing that coffee lovers die for 24% less likely than those who did not drink at all.

The standard norm is 3-4 cups a day. However, the more the better. To such conclusion can be reached if we perform another study. According to the results, among people who drink a day for 6 cups, the number of diabetics was reduced by 36%.

Drinking coffee helps to avoid many health problems. Drinking coffee, a person reduces risk of development of diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, cardiovascular system, liver.

2. The relationship between testosterone and life expectancy

The lower the testosterone, the higher the likelihood of mortality. If it is low, this entails the problem of overweight. People know that testosterone has a direct impact on male libido, body fat, muscle and energy reserves, but not all I suspect that it is most relevant to survival. Many TV shows say that a person should be wary of high testosterone. Its significant excess compared to the norm, of course, has negative consequences, but much more dangerous when it is reduced.

Low testosterone:

  • narrowing of the carotid artery;
  • The ECG becomes abnormal;
  • increases the risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • develop a tendency to heart failure;
  • increased frequency of angina;
  • increased body mass index;
  • occurs metabolic syndrome;
  • increases the risk of development of type II diabetes;
  • reduced sensitivity to insulin;
  • produces immunity to insulin;
  • increases the risk of mortality due to the General relief health.

One study, which was attended by 858 men over the age of 60 years showed that the odds of fatality increase by about 88% in those who have low testosterone because of the impact on obesity, making the body more receptive to disease.

Not all large men have high testosterone. Trained athletes often have much lower levels of the male hormone, than untrained representatives of the strong half of mankind. Proof of this is a study which showed that the number of testosterone in cyclists, swimmers, rowers, weightlifters the level of this hormone is from 60 to 85% of what you have untrained people.

Such a discrepancy, as some researched, due to changes in renal and nepochetnoe metabolism of the hormone that the athletes are not able to compensate. The decline may be due to the fact that due to the loads increasing the globulin that binds steroid hormones, and testosterone ceases to penetrate the fabric.

Reduction of testosterone is a serious problem for many lifters. Rising hormone levels that occurs after intensive training is only a temporary phenomenon. The surge of testosterone will soon pass, and he again becomes low.

In order not to risk his own life and youth, you need to constantly monitor your level of testosterone. To maintain the hormone allow the special natural boosters that are in critical decline. If testosterone is still low, should consult with a specialist who can assign gormonozawisimogo therapy.

3. Keep the level of estrogen

Elevated estrogen increases the risk of development of diseases of degenerative nature, and, therefore, becomes the cause of early mortality. A similar relationship was confirmed by the study, which tracked the performance of estradiol. This is one form of estrogen, which is the norm in men varies from 21,80 and 30, 11 ng per ml.

The observation lasted three years. The probability of death in men with normal estradiol levels are lowest. In a worse position were those who have performance was more 37,99 ng per ml. In this group of cases of deaths increased by 113%. But most of all at risk, as it turned out, people with low estradiol (less 12,90). In the group with such indicators mortality was 317% higher.

Some doctors came to the conclusion that estrogen is vitally necessary to men. Such doctors do not prescribe medicines that can reduce the level. Such an approach was not correct because estrogen is much more extended than reduced. In addition, when it is consistently high, risk of degenerative diseases increase dramatically. The highest chance of developing atherosclerosis, stroke, of prostatitis, of the gradual extinction.

Negative excess estrogen affects sports activity. Athletes becomes much more difficult to cope with the increased load in the course of the training, to build muscle and improve strength. Neither a decreased nor an increased estrogen does not Bode well. It should always be the norm. You can take a variety of anti-estrogen supplements, but if the situation is really critical to consult a specialist. The doctor will prescribe medication that will bring the estrogen level back to normal.

4. Overeating is the worst enemy of health

Should not take overeating as a term that describes exclusively the meal, and then eat “from the belly”. This word applies to those who eats a lot throughout the day, not at a time. If you often eat much sugar will be maintained at a high level constantly, and it entails a lot of problems.

The meat gets a brown color, if it is a little lie down in the warmth, due to the Maillard reaction, that is, when the sugar binds to the protein. This illustrative example describes what happens to muscle tissue in the body. If this happened to pork chops or beef, nothing wrong with that. In relation to the person is such an unpleasant picture, but it is often the case.

This is characteristic of those situations where during the day sugar is maintained at a level above 85 mg / DL. When this situation occurs day in and day develop problems with the kidneys, joints, atherosclerosis, is the seal of the connective tissue, decreasing susceptibility to insulin and therefore has all the risks of getting type II diabetes. Another negative point is that the person gaining weight.

By the middle of this century, as scientists have calculated, slender, moderately slender, or at least well-built, will be only every third or even fifth American. This trend is the result of modern lifestyle, when overeating becomes the norm, your digestive system is almost continually busy with the breakdown of carbohydrates, and exercise and activity is minimized. Do not think that small, frequent servings of food correct the situation. This is absolutely wrong. Even this food causes an increase of sugar and leads to insulin insensitivity.

Frequent meals have a negative impact on health. The more often a person is eating, the more insulin spikes during the day occurs and the cells become more insensitive towards the insulin. To compensate for the emerging resistance, the amount of insulin released becomes higher and higher, until the battle end up not playing. The result is a constantly elevated sugar.

If you refer to competent experts, a normal fasting blood sugar levels should be below 100. Excess of this indicator up to 126 already suggests that the person becomes prone to diabetes. When this extreme point is passed, the person becomes diabetic. The Maillard reaction begins to take place at rates from 85 and more.

To prevent the increase of sugar, you can go several ways. One option is that the person moves to three or four meals, but with a properly chosen products. Food should be rich in protein and healthy fats, contain minimal amounts of carbohydrates, especially high and simple.

The second way is to receive glucoside cyanidin-3, which increases sensitivity to insulin. The drug stimulates the body for processing carbohydrates, which are beginning to be deposited not in fat depots, and muscles, allowing you to keep sugar levels at an optimum, that is, normal level. Thus, people not only feels great, but looks great even at 55.

5. Curcumin you need to eat daily

Curcumin have many health benefits. With its powerful anti-inflammatory effect, it perfectly relieves pain, affects all organs and systems in the human body. And if you take curcumin daily, this will help to stay young.

The use of curcumin helps:

  • reduce cognitive decline;
  • improved cardiovascular system;
  • maintaining a healthy cholesterol level;
  • the decrease in blood platelets;
  • to reduce the risk of developing diabetes;
  • increasing testosterone;
  • the reduction of body fat.

Being a product of vegetable origin, curcumin is an antioxidant. It is contained in turmeric, and Champions the use of this spice considered to be Hindus. They are, if to think logically, should be the healthiest nation on the planet, but it is not so. The problem is that curcumin is poorly absorbed in the body. If you use it as a component of curry powder, even large volumes, the effect of this increase will not apply.

To use curcumin with maximum health benefits, it should be combined with piperine increases the absorption of antioxidant to 2000%. And, then, you do not need to take a large number of substances, it will be enough a few grams a day. This small amount of product will be enough to prolong life.

6. Chile — source of nutrients and longevity

The diet must consist of foods that are rich in nutrients and valuable substances. Most of the food consumed on a daily basis, cannot be attributed to healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to exert maximum effort to enrich its menu of healthy food, one of which is the chili pepper. It is rich in protein, contains substances having a high rating on a scale of the index of density of nutrients — ANDI has a low GI (glycemic index).

Chili is so nutritious that can completely replace other products, as well as has excellent taste. There are plenty of recipes for you to cook a variety of dishes, and one of them is presented below.


  • three pounds of Turkey meat or beef;
  • 450 g red and white beans;
  • 800 g of tomatoes in own juice;
  • 1.3 l vegetable spicy juice;
  • 5 chopped carrots;
  • 2 cups of green spinach;
  • 1 Cup cashew nuts, raw which crush almost oily consistency;
  • 2 chopped medium onions and red peppers;
  • a few pressed cloves of garlic;
  • 2 teaspoon of iodized salt and oregano;
  • 5 teaspoons chili (powder);
  • the red pepper flakes tip of the spoon.

If it is possible, in the dish and add more beef liver. Enough to take 100 g and cut into pieces. Adding or removing the ingredient from the composition of meals does not affect flavor characteristics, so it is not mandatory.


  • In a large saucepan put meat, cook and then clean.
  • Further, in olive oil roast red pepper, garlic, onion, carrot.
  • Add to the fried vegetables tomatoes, juice, spices, beans, cashew. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  • Cover the saucepan with a lid. Vegetable stew seasoned with a mixture of at least two hours, stirring occasionally.
  • Last add the spinach. It lay for 10 minutes until cooked dishes.

    7. The antioxidant levels should always be normal

    Reduced and increased concentration of antioxidants the same threat to health. There is a theory that emerged in 1927, of free radicals. They, according to her, have an impact on cellular mitochondria, which results in the movement of enzymes, cascade which cuts and destroys the cells. This provokes the destruction of the bodies, and further, if blindly believe the theory, and the whole organism.

    In other words, the antioxidants become a kind of protection from chemicals, bad food, not the best quality and healthy diet, excess sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, polluted environment and time, which is the main cause of aging. This judgment led to the fact that the majority of people, according to the theory, consume large amounts of antioxidants.

    This approach is not entirely correct because the production of free radicals has to have its limitations. The excess is also harmful. You can’t always control what antioxidants and when needed by the body. If the free radicals will cease to “leak” through antioxidants, the cell will begin to leak the collapse of mitochondria, that is, the membrane potential form the energy of cellular organelles. When this happens not with one but with a large number of mitochondria, there comes the inevitable cell death. If they massively die, the organs and the organism as a whole begins to suffer.

    Free radicals the body needs. They are essential for health. Their task is not only to “destroy” cells, but also in the setting of cellular respiration. Without the last condition is possible, the production of energy currency of the cell known as ATP. The latter is crucial for the overall functioning of the body.

    Antioxidants should be maintained in the norm. They should not be decreased or increased. And to do that, most likely, have to stop taking antioxidants in pill form or in capsules. In the science of nutrition has gone a different way, choosing some individual in large doses. It turns out that the person accepts only a limited number of antioxidants, which are preferred in the detriment of others. This, apparently, was the main reason that many people have an excess of ascorbic acid or vitamin E.

    Consume antioxidants better together with food. In a small thyme twig, for example, not less than 30, and they are all different. Therefore, to replenish the antioxidants of fruits and vegetables. An alternative could be systems such as Biotest Superfood, which contains a huge number of phytochemical substances, several thousand antioxidants of natural origin. A balanced composition of such additives allows to obtain the correct concentration of substances, allowing to effectively control the free radicals to prevent premature ageing and to maintain health, avoiding excess, is able to trigger cell death.

    8. The sprint

    Look younger without physical activity is impossible. This does not mean that it will take literally exhausting yourself with grueling exercise. It is best to run, but not hours on the treadmill, and sprints. Short distances allow you to stay in toned shape, improve health, and stimulate the mitochondria. Sprints is much more effective than training on a treadmill.

    The main advantages of the race for a short distance are:

    • increase fat oxidation by 75% after the completion of the sprint, which attests to the excellent gyrosigma effect;
    • good development of the muscles of the body and lower limbs;
    • the enhancement of protein synthesis of deep muscles in women to 222%, and men — 48%;
    • improved sensitivity to insulin.

    Sprint helps to maintain the functionality of mitochondria, improves the General condition. Intense workout, which include running for short distances, increase in the cells the number of mitochondria. The more you last the better the condition of the heart muscle and other systems. Doing the sprint, a person acquires a guaranteed excellent health and looks much younger than his real age.

    9. Aspirin is another tool in the fight for youth

    These tablets do an excellent job with controlling free radicals and therefore improve health status, prolong life. It is likely that the aspirin helps to get rid of fat. In addition, it is freely sold in pharmacies, having a low cost.

    Another positive feature of aspirin is that it helps reduce the number of heart attacks. In people older than 50 years treated with 83 g of acetylsalicylic acid, the chance of heart attack decreases by 22, stroke — by 25-80%. There is evidence that, the use of children’s aspirin helps to reduce the risk that a person will get cancer of the colon.

    Such arguments, of course, have value in an advanced age, but for young people and those aged just over 40, they may seem not quite enough. To gain confidence that aspirin do you need to drink, you need to consider other properties of this drug. Acetylsalicylic acid has a mild respiratory disintegration, which is the cellular process in which electrons move along the respiratory chain down, releasing the energy producing mitochondria. Free radicals in this is limited, which helps to maintain health, increase life expectancy, and even lose fat.

    A complete cessation of the production of free radicals, which is what happens when you overdose antioxidants, leads to cell death. Aspirin does not give similar effects. However, abusing it is also not recommended. You should drink daily 1-2 tablets baby aspirin, depending on body mass. In large quantities it can provoke bleeding in the digestive tract.

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