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8 sports equipment for fitness at home

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8 sports equipment for fitness at home
The contents

  • What constitutes home fitness with the TRX loops?
  • What exercises with medicine ball ensures you can perform at home?
  • This will come in handy for anyone?
  • What kind of physical exercise without the dumbbells?
  • Jump rope — this is a useful gadget to warm up
  • Shells for statistical sports
  • Different types of swimwear
  • What is the function of weights?

Of course, equip in your own home private gym may not be everything, but it does not mean that you have to abandon exercise. If you for one reason or another are unable to visit a sports club, you readily available home fitness and exercise was a truly high-quality and functional, buy a few shells that will not be expensive and will not take up much space in your apartment.

What constitutes home fitness with the TRX loops?

Quite difficult to train with the weight of his own body without the proper equipment, and a special TRX offer this opportunity. It’s not just fitness equipment, and a training system that allows you to perform as power and static exercises, stretching and aerobic training. The only condition for the application of loops — the presence of a support. You can install special fixture on wall or ceiling, and you can catch a shell for the door hinges. With its help it is easy to pump not only the external muscles, but also muscles-stabilizers, improve posture and strengthen the spine.

What exercises with medicine ball ensures you can perform at home?

Fitness at home is possible and projectiles such as medicine balls. In appearance, these assorted balls are similar to bowling balls, because they also have different size and weight. The filler used iron, shaving, gel, sand, and on top of the ball is covered with leather, nylon or rubber. With medicine balls you can carry out regular strength training to use it to restore strength and dexterity after injury, and wrestlers and boxers it will be useful for honing strokes. Physical activity with medicine balls helps develop balance and coordination. It is enough to buy three balls and use them for support of the hands and feet during push-UPS.

This will come in handy for anyone?

All, without exception, because the exercises do not occupy the last place in any training. It is no secret that these muscles to pump harder and one of the few that quickly “forget” about the recent load. With roller press can greatly increase the effectiveness of your workout routine and pump not only the abdominal muscles but also back and triceps. Beginners should choose a shell with two parallel spaced wheels or a single, but wide. You can find the clip, which in addition is equipped with handles and pedals. This gymnastic ring will add variety to the usual set of lessons involving the femoral, brachial, wide muscle and also the triceps.

What kind of physical exercise without the dumbbells?

One of the main shells bodybuilders and athletes. Women involved in fitness at home, as it is not necessary to abandon it, because without weights, it is impossible to build muscle, strengthen joints and improve overall health of the body. At first, you can purchase the usual solid weights, and there is an opportunity to save money using this as a-liter plastic bottle filled with water. In the future, you should look for portable models that are designed to regulate and increase the load depending on the type of training and the ultimate goal. Exercises with dumbbells help to develop harmoniously all the muscles of the body, normalize weight and improve health.

Jump rope — this is a useful gadget to warm up

It is difficult to overestimate the role of the rope to the athlete no matter what sport he prefers. Any exercise starts with a warm-up, which allows you to warm up your muscles to prepare them for the activity. Jump rope is suitable for this purpose best. This is one of the most popular tools for cardio workout, so its worth a buy to everyone, especially those with excess weight wish to lose. In addition to the standard, all the familiar shell, you can find an improved e-model, which not only counts the number of jumps, but also monitors the number of lost calories.

Shells for statistical sports

Pilates, yoga and other sports, forcing muscles to contract and strain, also involve the use of different projectiles. So, Pilates, you can purchase special straps, and you may need isotonic ring. It stimulates muscle resistance, thereby increasing the intensity and quality of training. It can be used to pump the pectoral and gluteal muscles, improve relief of problem areas on the inner and outer thigh. There are many exercises that involve the abdominal muscles, developing flexibility, mobility and balance.

Those who choose not to home fitness, and yoga, it makes sense to buy the same straps, ropes and other props — Mat, bolster, bricks. Although some athletes are easily overlooked materials, for example, tie or belt from a Bathrobe, and as reference units use books or cardboard boxes for the shoes.

Different types of swimwear

There are a great many sports equipment in the basis of which lies the elastic deformation. Physical exercise this kind of counteracts the movement and is used in the so-called isolation training for the development of small muscle groups. The most popular tents include a harness, belt, butterfly, round carpal expander and expander skier. Harness is ideal for pumping muscles of the hands, and the tape is better to use while training legs. Tubular expander can be considered the most convenient universal device that allows you to work all major muscle groups. Such a shell is to choose in accordance with the hardness of the rubber, which determines the degree of load.

What is the function of weights?

When doing fitness at home simply can not do without weights, which together with the increasing complexity of the task increases and the load on the muscles. In fact, their function can be compared with the function of dumbbells, only the latter will not put on a waist or on game feet. Special weights solve this problem, besides qualitative models allow you to adjust the weight by adding or removing plate special. You can find the weights for legs, arms, hull, made in the form of a vest. There are gloves with weights that help to develop a sharp and heavy blow.

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