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8 simple exercises to keep in shape while on vacation

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8 simple exercises to keep in shape while on vacation

The contents

  • The program of the holiday fitness workouts
  • A set of exercises for relaxation
  • Recommendations for exercising on vacation

During the holiday season and long holidays, many people go to the sea, in the mountains or in a picturesque forest camp site. Not all are able at this time to give up sports, because for some exercise — essential daily ritual.

In terms of home away from home is not as easy to find a nearby Playground or working a fitness room in which to hold regular fitness training. However, even without a specially equipped gym can be great to keep my figure in shape and relaxation. Enough to fit your goals simplified training program, or just include in the usual mode of the physical load that will allow you to gain weight.

The program of the holiday fitness workouts

The program fitness workouts for rest it is possible to make individually. It is best to include in the training range of your favorite physical activity to further increase the motivation to work.

As for the regime, it is worth remembering that classes on vacation should not be performed with a significant weighting or be high-intensity. Smooth, rhythmic, light weight set of exercises will allow you to keep the tone of the muscles without exhaustion, and in the morning, and will give cheerfulness and activity.

Men on vacation should pay particular attention to the exercise of the power plan, and women will help to keep your body aerobic exercise or sport’s low impact areas. The most effective of these include yoga, Pilates, callanetics. As a rule, even on vacation, you can find groups of tourists who practice collaborative classes. If you have never practiced yoga or don’t like solitary exercise, such group training in the mornings and evenings — what you need.

Vacationers are often combined in groups on the beach to participate in volleyball or beach football. For many such games fiznagruzki can be ideal for maintaining toned figure. The same applies to other active ball games: basketball, pionerbolu Polo any activity of such a plan will help to burn all the excess calories accumulated for a hearty Breakfast or lunch.

A set of exercises for relaxation

Exercise on vacation can’t wear a powerful and high character. This should be the only option for the General maintenance of activity and well-being, so too hard on yourself is not required.

It lightweight set of exercises on vacation include the following physical activity that are suitable for both men and women:

  • Charging.

In the morning before the major loads you need to perform exercises which will help to warm up the muscles, ligaments and joints after sleep. Traditionally, morning exercises including different kinds of spins (head, shoulders, elbows, hip joints, knees, ankles). This includes variations of inclinations of the body (left and right, forward and back), squats, lifts on the toes. Charging can be done with the elements of stretching (rolling from side to side squat, bending a springy motion to the toes, transverse and longitudinal splits).

  • Basic twisting.

To perform them better without weighting, with a feasible number of repetitions. To tear off shoulder blades off the floor should not above 40 degrees from the surface: in this case, the focus is shifted correctly to the target muscles: transverse and straight muscles press.

  • The reverse twisting.

Feet can be off the floor as 30-40 degrees from the surface (in the prone position) and tighten them to the chest (on a flat surface or while hanging on the bar).

  • The gluteal bridge.

A simple exercise for strengthening the lumbar muscles and to work the thigh, buttocks. On vacation it one of the most essential, since it is available to everyone and requires no equipment or preparation.

  • Stand on the blades “birch”.

An invigorating physical exercise to maintain in shape the upper body and posture. Suitable for daily training.

  • Plank (base and side).

Effective isometric load for those who want to achieve an athletic figure without exhausting trainings. Supports the toned muscles of the buttocks, abdominals, legs and arms.

  • Pushups from the knees (or push-UPS from the support).

Both options are simplified versions of the classical exercises, to effectively load the muscles of the arms and chest.

  • “Scissors” and “Bicycle”.

Simple and familiar physical activity, allowing you to tone the muscles of the legs, thighs, buttocks. Perfectly burn extra calories and allow you to get rid of fat in the lower abdomen.

Recommendations for exercising on vacation

To fitness workout on vacation passed with the maximum benefit, you can use the useful recommendations from professionals. These tips will help keep muscles toned and body in shape even on a very lazy beach holiday.

  • Athletes who even on vacation can’t give up active sessions, it is better to choose hotels, hostels or motels with a gym.
  • Many resort towns are actively developing such a direction as sports tourism. In such places, tourists are offered different training programs: yoga on the beach shore, body-pump in the mountains, surfing, rock climbing, river rafting, boating. Vacationers are often between gambling and sports competitions.
  • Pleasure to properly distribute the physical load. Strength and aerobic exercises do in the morning: so body fat will be broken down better. Evening is better to devote strecingovym’s low impact and stress which relaxes the muscle fibers, get rid of the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness and help maintain flexibility.
  • One of the most accessible sports on vacation is swimming, so do not neglect the pools and open bodies of water. It is not only a great way to keep the figure in shape, but also one of the most effective methods of relaxing muscles after an active day.
  • A set of exercises do not to failure, and to a light tension in the muscles. This will allow you to load the muscle fibers, but will not cause overexertion or fatigue. Only 20-25 minutes a day is enough for feelings of cheerfulness and strengthen the muscles.
  • Even the time allotted for vacation you can spend with benefit for the body. To maintain the shape is quite simple: it is enough to perform light exercises that do not require additional sports equipment and high intensity movements.

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