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8 signs that you need to change fitness club

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8 signs that you need to change fitness club
The contents

  • The long road to fitness club
  • You do not fit the intensity of the exercise
  • Instructor fitness — rude and ignorant
  • Equipment gyms is not updated
  • The club conducts aggressive marketing
  • The administration of the club to save everything
  • The fitness club is no feedback
  • Inconvenient schedule

To break up with unprofessional hairdresser or manicurist is much easier than to leave your favorite fitness club. Someone in a familiar place holds a friendly team, and easy for someone to get to the place of work. But there are signs that directly or indirectly indicate that it is time to look for another sports complex for training.

The long road to fitness club

It is no secret that in business efficiency and improve the quality of training is of great importance motivation. It is sometimes difficult to force myself to pack up and go somewhere when the window is dark and the raging Blizzard. Well, if a sports hall is a short walk from the house. Then even the storm will not be able to cancel previously scheduled plans. Another thing, if the road to the fitness club takes half an hour or more. If you often skip a workout just because of the fact that you don’t want to shiver in the cold subway or bus with wet hair after the aerobics, it’s a reason to look for another place to study.

You do not fit the intensity of the exercise

Not every club has the ability to group visitors according to their age and level of fitness. Often in provincial towns to fitness is going to a very motley crowd of eighteen and older. One visitors may not like too rapid a rate specified by the coach, and others offered load will not be enough. If you fall into one category or the other, it is necessary to realistically assess their capabilities first and foremost to understand what you expect from the training. If you go to the gym just to not sit at home, then the standard of exercise will be enough to maintain good health. If you want something more, but I understand that here you do not to, look for another club.

Instructor fitness — rude and ignorant

Someone will tell you children not to baptize him, but in any case, the man who for a long period of time take responsibility for your physical form, need to win, get the confidence, and just like a human to be pleasant. If he allows himself to let go of unflattering comments to criticize your physical form and plain rude, no reason to endure it, no, not even if he was the most eminent specialist in the city. Fitness classes should not only bring results, but fun otherwise benefit from them will not be enough. Alternatively, before you decide to go, you can try to discuss the problem with the administration, to influence the coach through the head, and if that doesn’t bring positive fruit, it is safe to leave.

Equipment gyms is not updated

Agree, any technology ever fails, after due date. It is quite natural that you replace a broken microwave new or give to the repair of burnt-out washing machine, because you can’t get to without them. The owners of the fitness club should be the same policy, aimed at preserving the convenience and comfort of its customers. The quality of training suffers considerably if half of the equipment in the gym is broken and the other one is already occupied and there is no possibility to timely perform the intended exercise. If the management center does not take care of their visitors, and you should not hold a club.

The club conducts aggressive marketing

If for all, starting with the subscription and services of the coach and ending with the shower and toilet you require the money, you should consider, and is it worth it? Sometimes paying for something to amuse your self-esteem, visiting the most inspirational fitness club in town is too high. Think, perhaps somewhere near lurking less presentable building, but with more smiling administrator and more functional equipment. If your financial situation at the moment leaves much to be desired, it is possible to transfer the usual yoga or fitness home. The benefit of Internet you can find lots of free video tutorials and to save money on a personal trainer.

The administration of the club to save everything

Not enough warm water in the pool and the shower, no toilet paper in the bathrooms and the dust on the equipment — all this should be grounds to be suspicious and think, is it worth it to carry the money to not care about the convenience and comfort of customers, and most importantly — their health, because you can easily catch a cold in cold water or an infection in a poorly retractable shower. Must maintain cleanliness in the health club is necessary, because here comes a lot of people, and very different, not always neat and tidy. In areas with large attendance — showers, toilets, locker rooms watching her have with greater care.

If the club saves on such things, it is difficult to count on classes with professional trainers and quality equipment, the first since the services are not cheap, and the price of good trainers is not too low.

The fitness club is no feedback

If the fitness club is no one to whom it would be possible to file a complaint or suggestion, it’s not a good sign. And even if you will listen and promise to rectify the situation, it does not mean that the next time you see a repaired shower is broken or you need a dumbbell weight. It so happens that the school simply has no feedback and all the calls of the visitors hit a brick wall, or worse tripping is the wish “to go to another club.” Actually, that should about do it, if your comments are constructive and reasonable. Another thing, if some visitors consider themselves to be the “navel” of the earth and believe that their every demand should be immediately implemented. It is logical that the administration is in no hurry to bow to such customers.

Inconvenient schedule

Of course, this is the first criterion by which athletes choose a fitness club, because if it is not possible to visit it at a convenient time, then why even go there? However, in the good sports form a schedule so that at any time of the day visitors were able to choose for themselves something suitable and interesting. Well, if in the nearest room at a time convenient for you is only yoga and stripelike, and you want to learn the exercises of aerobics, it makes sense to look for a place with more diverse services.

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