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8 mistakes in the gym that make it difficult to lose weight

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8 mistakes in the gym that make it difficult to lose weight
The contents

  • Uniformity in the training programs
  • Overly high expectations
  • The fear of weight training
  • Hot love cardio load
  • Choosing the wrong exercises
  • A long break between sets
  • Messy food for weight loss
  • The lack of rest between fitness classes

Slim, trim figure is the result of a review of eating behavior and hard work in the gym. But how many visitors of the fitness club can boast a six-pack, slim waist and firm buttocks? Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve the desired result even with regular trips to the gym and complete rejection of the sweet. Often the “blame” of small mistakes made during training. Consider the list of the most popular mistakes that prevent weight loss at the gym, along with MedAboutMe.

Uniformity in the training programs

The struggle for the perfect body starts with the preparation of training programs. Ideally, beginners need to develop a scheme of sessions with an experienced fitness trainer. If you wish to choose the exercises on the problem areas you can own. Do not forget to change the complex. Regular execution of the same exercises initially will give great results. However, the monotony in the classroom could eventually lead to slower weight loss process. The more often you repeat your favorite exercises — the less the response of the body to the load.

The repetition of the same elements of a fitness program will lead to the fact that some muscles will be in constant tension, while others will not be involved at all. In the end, the working muscles do not have time to recover for the next workout, which progress will be impossible. Therefore, during the classes need to alternate the load on different muscle groups. For example, on Monday you need to load the back and arms, Wednesday — legs and glutes, and on Friday — press.

Overly high expectations

Optimistic goals is one of the most common mistakes of beginners. Yes, everyone would like to “sculpt” the body of your dreams in just a month, and even more a short time. But the extra pounds accumulated for a long time, why many visitors of fitness clubs want to get rid of fat in a week? Of course, to set clear goals while working on themselves — is commendable. However, no need to wait for training from immediate effect. Subject to exercise technique and lack of absenteeism the first changes you will see in a month.

In order not to lose the motivation to training due to the fact that the extra pounds didn’t go away quickly, you shouldn’t stop on only one fitness area. To add variety to the training process will help to combine different types of fitness. Because weight loss is promoted as a strength training and Latin dance. Importantly, the load was sufficient and regular.

The fear of weight training

A common mistake of women is the refusal to perform strength exercises. Ignoring barbells and dumbbells due to the fear to instead of thin waist big shoulders and legs. But the “siphon” women is almost impossible due to the peculiarities of physiology. This will require a high-calorie diet together with a special training program used by professional athletes. In normal conditions, the power load is only for the benefit of the process of losing weight.

Correct working weights provides muscles with adequate load. As a result of military occupation aktiviziruyutsya metabolism. While working with weights and other projectiles people spend a lot of energy. And fat burning will continue after class. Besides strength exercises necessary for the formation of a harmonious figure, because they lead to muscle tone.

Hot love cardio load

Cardio exercises improve heart function, stimulate metabolism and help to burn extra calories. This type of load must be used to combat obesity. However, do not focus only on cardio and completely ignore dumbbells, a barbell and other free weights. To mark the effect, loading should be suspended to divide in half. 50% of the time in the gym should be devoted to cardio and the remaining half on strength training.

Too strong passion for cardio exercise the risk that as a result of hard work in the gym will to burn not only fat but also muscles. To keep your body slim and strong during every workout to pay attention to cardio, and strength exercises. Or two times a week to run or go on the ellipsoid, and the same — at the gym with your weight.

Choosing the wrong exercises

Another serious mistake on the way to a beautiful figure is choosing the wrong exercises. This category includes elements of a fitness program that will not only not benefit, but even harm the harmony. So, women should not practice side bends with weights. These exercises rapidly expanding waistline. As a result, the body will seem heavier in the abdomen. Bending sideways with dumbbells only will increase the muscles in the problem area.

You should also do exercises in which it is important to observe perfectly. Beginners are not always able to avoid mistakes when performing repetitions while the thrust of the upper block for the back. Or twisting with the United with the head. In this exercise, it is easy to hurt cervical vertebrae, because many people mechanically help yourself when lifting the case. For this they force pull the head forward. So inappropriate, rigorous exercise is to find alternatives or to work on technique with the coach.


In the list of unsuitable and even harmful for the figure, health exercises you need to include flexion of the torso on the bench. This kind of load is often used to work out the abdominal muscles. However, it is ineffective because of the small amplitude movements. And unsafe for your back. According to the approved institution National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety of the United States recommended threshold, the load on the lower back when performing such bending exceeds the allowable value. Therefore, frequent switching of exercises in a workout can lead to injury.

A long break between sets

The result of visiting the gym depends on the quality of the conducted training. In order not to waste time, no need to make a big break between sets. Prolonged rest will lead to the fact that utilize for the muscles to cool down. For breath enough only 1-2 minutes. And not to distract on trifles and not to delay the break between sets, it is better to leave the phone in the locker room and not to be distracted by conversations with other visitors of the fitness club.

If it is difficult to start the exercise in a minute of rest, you can take your break a little longer. But don’t just sit. Better to walk down the hall or to make a small extension to perform Mahi hands and feet.

Messy food for weight loss

Often in the first weeks of training to motivate yourself to visit the fitness club harder longer. While the effect is still not noticeable, many beginners reward myself for the work in the gym favourite food. Ice cream cone, a portion of fries or bun — all of these hazards can easily wipe out efforts in the gym. Not to gain excess weight again you must cancel the promotion themselves. As a bonus, it is better to choose intangibles. For example, going to the movies, taking a relaxing bath, buying new shirts for the gym.

Sometimes gym attendees do not deny the excesses, arguing that all consumed calories burned in class. But not only that. Not only that, the pastries and sweets are bad for the figure, they cause damage and health. Want to be slim and feel good? Do not make training useless. After all, the greatest value for weight loss is exactly balanced nutrition, lack of food garbage in the diet.

The lack of rest between fitness classes

As a long time between training and lack of rest can slow down the weight loss. Of course, visit the gym regularly need to get rid of excess weight. But do not forget about the weekend, starting to get exercise every day. Contrary to mistaken belief, so the aim will not be achieved quickly. Lack of rest can result in fatigue.

Serious overload will lead to slower metabolism. Daily work in the gym will be perceived by the body as a source of stress. Because of this aktiviziruyutsya production of the stress hormone cortisol. That will not lead to weight loss and an increase in fat, decrease in muscle mass. Not to gain extra weight again, you must do classes in the gym comfortable. Attending a fitness club, you need only 3-4 times a week.


Cortisol production called one of the oldest reactions of the human body. She went to modern man from his ancestors in the “legacy”. To reduce the stress level during the holidays for fitness can and should visit massage, practice self-massage. Held at the Medical center Los Angeles study found that only 45 minutes of massage reduces the levels of stress hormones in patients. And some of the study participants cortisol levels decreased by half.

Review expertVictoria Volchenko, fitness trainer

The first and most important mistake made by many visitors of fitness clubs is the failure of proper nutrition. In this case, even in the constant, complex classes. Secondly, losing weight may prevent a strong load. Sometimes people believe that the more and more they will work hard in the gym, the faster you will see the cherished number on the scales.

Another mistake is ignoring the stretch. Quality warm-up will prepare the muscles to the load, it will heat the body, help avoid injury. And stretching or hitch are needed for the best recovery after a workout. Stretching exercises of the muscles is also useful to increase the flexibility of the body.

To get real weight loss results, special attention should be given to the basic exercises. You also need to clearly know your exercise plan and follow the recommendations of the coach. It is equally important to observe the technique of each exercise. Plus, you should focus on the long term, and not wait for weight loss in a short time.

Review expertof Click the Nayar, a fitness expert, aerobics instructor and fitness

People absorb information about exercise and diets from different sources, but it is not always correct. It’s time to dispel some popular myths that surround health and fitness. I see different mistakes made by people when training in the gym. These include the following misconceptions:

  • “If I train with weights I will become bulky”. Many women are afraid that strength training will make them overly muscular. But to create muscle tissue difficult. Short-term accumulation of fluid in the muscle can be seen as increasing it, but that does not mean that the mass has grown. To build muscle you need to constantly overload them. Regular strength training will increase strength, reduce body fat percentage. Particularly useful strength training for women leading a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Yoga and Pilates are sufficient to achieve good form. And yoga and Pilates are excellent directions in fitness. They make the body flexible, improve coordination of movements. However, do not need to practice yoga and Pilates. To see the results, you want to vary the exercises. Need and exercises with weights.
  • Muscles turn into fat when you stop training. This misconception is based on fear that all the effort during the classes was wasted. Due to the fact that muscles and fat are different body tissues, physically impossible transformation of muscle to body fat. So afraid breaks is not necessary. However, excess weight and the truth will eventually become bigger because the muscles in the absence of training will decrease. That’s why you need to expend more calories than consumed.

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