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8 benefits of HIIT

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HIIT training combines the benefits of other training programs, it is necessary for all people, regardless of training goals. Eight benefits that will bring you to HIIT.

Interval training high intensity is appropriate in any sport, and when performing any exercise. In order to put your classes in the format of HIIT, it is necessary to alternate activity at the peak intensity with less intense intervals. For example, a quick run on the track for a minute, then two minutes of Jogging. Any HIIT workout will bring into your life the following advantages.


The main advantage of high-intensity interval training in achieving high efficiency in a short period of time. To conduct training HIIT is possible on a lunch break, because it will last no more than 15 minutes. If you conduct training in this format twice a week after 6-8 weeks level of aerobic endurance will be significantly higher.

High fat burning

Directly in training spend a large amount of calories, but the main contribution to fat loss is another matter. Within 24 hours after a workout, the body will be hard to burn calories and break down fat, the higher the frequency of the workouts, the better and faster the weight loss.

Strengthen heart health

Most people are not used to training on anaerobic heart rate zone, they begin to gasp and think that their heart’s will beat out of my chest. Classes HIIT tone up the heart and expand the chances. After 8 weeks, the exercises become longer, this advantage healthy trained heart.

No need for equipment

HIIT training can be hold in the hall with the equipment, but also home without it. To make your training even more effective, you can connect and dumbbells, but it is not mandatory.

Loss fat, not muscles

Diet for weight loss can be effective, but with fat mass they will burn muscle. The same effect has cardio, it is not the best way to maintain muscle mass.

High-intensity interval workouts provide weight loss through fat and not muscle.
Accelerating the metabolism

Performing HIIT stimulates the production of growth hormone, he has the ability to accelerate the metabolism. Human growth hormone is not only responsible for increased caloric burn but also for countering the aging process. Thus, interval training high intensity make people more young.

Accessibility anywhere

The simplicity of the concept allows you to train anywhere – in the gym, at home, on the street. Everyone will be able to adapt the concept of HIIT at its capabilities.

High complexity

During exercise, HIIT can’t talk on the phone and even share comments with a friend. The loads will be really high, and it is a challenge to myself, a test for physical endurance and willpower.

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