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7 ways to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes

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7 ways to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes
The contents

  • Exercises with a rope
  • Step — great activity for weight loss
  • The bike how many calories you can lose?
  • Climbing — a great alternative to fitness
  • When in the hands take dumbbells worth?
  • Martial arts
  • Dances with benefits for body and pleasure

Surely everyone watching their weight often noticed how quickly the extra calories deposited in the body, and how long and hard you have to pay for the pleasure at the gym. And if the latter is simply no time? From his lack of affects many people today and therefore looking for any opportunity to spend obtained food energy. There are ways that will help for 10 minutes can burn up to 100 Calories or more.

Exercises with a rope

Everyone knows that to burn fat and calories there is nothing better than aerobic exercise. If you have no opportunity and time to engage in the appropriate exercise equipment in the gym, you can pay attention to such a simple and affordable projectile, like jump rope. It is possible to take with you to the office to do at home, and at other suitable locations, and thus to deal with imperfections of the figure. In just 10 minutes you can lose 107 Kcal, it is not forbidden to do in the classroom breaks, after all, not everyone is able to sustain such a long exercise. You can jump as in the usual way, and alternately on one foot to change the width of your foot placement, make turns lower part of the body, etc.

Step — great activity for weight loss

If you dream of a weight loss and consumption of more calories in the minimum amount of time, then you direct road on a step. This is another popular form of aerobic exercise that activates the body’s process of lipolysis — breakdown of adipose tissue cells. In 10 minutes her dance training, you can lose up to 107 Kcal, and to train as a group and independently. Special expensive equipment is not required for this, except for the plastic platform, which could be replaced with something appropriate from household items. Actually, it is not forbidden to do even at work and any other place where there is free stairs. To reinforce the training you can, if you climb the stairs, do some burpees, then return to the original.

The bike how many calories you can lose?

Perhaps one of the most common and popular cardio machines found in any gym. It most often acquire for personal use, which is especially true for women who dream to lose weight and to get rid of cellulite. Any exercise on the stationary Bicycle causes the body to lose large amount of calories — 139 Kcal per 10 minutes and per hour is more than 600 Kcal. While training increases strength and endurance, improve health, accelerate metabolism, strengthen muscles, and develop their relief. A great alternative to training on a stationary bike are Cycling, which among other things contribute to the saturation of the body with oxygen, and thus cause the body to actively burn fat.

Climbing — a great alternative to fitness

If you sicken to perform boring and monotonous exercises in the gym, you can pay attention to this kind of physical activity that have long been considered as a complete workout. Indeed, today, the mountain climbing, having the status of a sport that is increasingly attracting the attention of ordinary people, not aspiring to some achievements, but wish to improve your body, develop flexibility and endurance. In one ten-minute workout can burn 118 Calories and work all muscle groups, and even those that do not participate in the work in the classroom on a regular exercise machines. Another advantage of such workouts is that they do not load the joints and the spine and suitable for athletes of all skill levels.

When in the hands take dumbbells worth?

If regular exercises in the morning does not bring the expected result or you want to add something for Hiking, Nordic walking, buy a pair of dumbbells. The view that they are only needed for endurance athletes — no more than a myth. Even simple exercises such as squats, swings hands and feet, jumping can increase the efficiency of training, and thus accelerate and improve the process of building the body of your dreams. Just 10 minutes of training with weights can burn more calories in one long workout without them. If your goal is weight loss, but until you have decided whether you need dumbbells, try to do with plastic bottles filled with sand or water.

Martial arts

Today there are lots of areas, types and styles of martial arts among which it is possible to find something for everyone. Interest in various systems of martial arts and self-defense on the part of the fairer sex gave rise to the emergence of all kinds of sports fields, including dance. What is HitBox that combines aerobics and Thai Boxing, where the rhythmic dance music of the athlete strikes the bag and thus gives a release of accumulated energy, including negative, which is very useful for spiritual health. 10 minutes of intense percussion work with a punching bag, you can lose up to 107 Kcal. The convenience of this method of weight loss that you can learn at home, buying a shell and hanging it in a suitable place.

Dances with benefits for body and pleasure

Dancing is another physical activity which can cause the body to lose calories and work on improving its appeal. The dance gradually penetrate into various fitness areas, making the training session more invigorating, enjoyable and fun. Weight loss is not the only reason people come to these halls. They are looking for new emotions and impressions, and magnificent physical form is a nice, but not the only bonus. 10 minutes active Zumba fitness you can lose up to 100 Kcal, and per hour reckless dancing to burn 400 — 500 Calories. Unique choreography, the ability to pump all muscles of the body and lift the mood of millions of people around the world.

What are the ways to burn of the above calories in 10 minutes is there more? These include football, which will force you to get to 107 Kcal, and thus to develop many different movements, not only for feet but also other parts of the body. Jumps — these explosive and quick movements that develop muscular strength and endurance, forced to spend 100 Calories in 10 minutes as any of the speed intervals included in usual training. The most important thing is to combine periods of higher intensity with periods of rest, and to monitor the performance activity of your body — heart rate and blood pressure.

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