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7 unexpected reasons why you’re not losing weight

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If you have tried all ways of losing weight but not losing weight, so the choices were wrong. Look at all the reasons people can’t lose weight, at least one of them will be yours.


Losing weight takes a lot of energy, so it is very disappointing when you try hard but see no result. If you watch your diet and count calories, a few times a week running on the track and even started eating spinach, but the number on the scales unchanged, so in your calculations is a mistake. Consider these unexpected reasons why weight loss is in place, and you will understand that at least one paragraph says about you.

You don’t eat much protein

Want to lose weight and eat some vegetables, avoiding meat and dairy products? It is in vain, you are depriving your body of protein sources and therefore cannot lose weight. Protein is necessary for building and muscle recovery and a healthy system muscle will burn your excess calories. Protein foods make you full, so start your day with a boiled egg, then add to each reception of food chicken, Turkey or tofu.

You have a sedentary job

You can love your job, but it makes you gain weight. If you sit from morning until lunch, sometimes skip lunch, and then again sit from lunch to evening, it is not surprising that the problem of weight loss for you to date. A sedentary lifestyle slows down metabolism, your body has forgotten how to waste energy, but it can nakalimot it in the form of fat. Studies have shown that if one hour to get up from the workplace and to move at least for a few minutes, your metabolism will be higher by 13%.

The more movement, the faster the metabolism, the activity burns extra calories.

You save on water

Of course, not literally. But many people behave as if they can’t afford to drink a lot of water. Unaccustomed to the water can seem boring beverage, it it is needed for weight loss. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee can never replace water, only water accelerates getting rid of excess weight.

You have psychological problems

Psychological problems can not be diagnosed, people suffer from a mental illness, but are not even aware about their presence. Depression and other mental health issues affect many aspects of life, including on the weight loss. Depression can change your attitude towards food, increase cravings for bad food. Depressed people are not aware of their condition, so they rarely seek help on their own initiative.

You drink diet soft drinks

Diet soft drinks may seem harmless because they have no sugar, or no calories. But due to what some of these soft drinks still retain the sweet taste. Sugar is harmful to health and figure, but artificial sweeteners are even more harmful. A nasty joke that after drinking lemonade without sugar your sugar cravings worse. In order to lose weight, you need to drink water.

You drink alcohol

It seems that one or a couple of drinks on Friday after work will not significantly affect the slimming, but if you do so every Friday or more often, then they will be the reason you’re not losing weight. Alcoholic drinks bring a lot of empty calories, slow down metabolism, dehydrate the body.

You’re not eating enough

Sounds illogical, but too small amount of diet is also an obstacle for weight loss. First, your body must get sufficient amount of substances to operate correctly. Secondly, for weight loss you need a good metabolism, the body will actively spend calories only if their regular income.

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