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7 tips for choosing a coach

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Before you decide to nominate a personal trainer, you must make seven obligatory actions. Each of these tips will bring you closer to the choice of the best coach.

On the Internet there are thousands of programs developed by the professional, but personal approach to fitness will work better than each of them. If you have the opportunity to use the services of a personal trainer, the decision to hire him will be beneficial in all senses. The coach will keep you motivated to workout and steer efforts in the right direction.

The coach must be a true professional, but this is not the only selection criterion, it must be suitable for you personally. These seven points need to keep in mind before you hire a coach.

Identify your goals

Without clearly defined goals to hire the services of a coach does not make sense. Someone needs to throw off those extra pounds, someone who wants to learn how to do push-UPS or become more powerful. Be sure that goals are really important and go in search of a coach who will help them to achieve. A good coach will always take into consideration the goals of your client, then he will be able to optimize them, to lead to the achievement of and parallel to put a new.

Calculate the budget

Prices for the services of a personal trainer depends on the level of sports institutions and the coach himself, its relevance, orientation training and other circumstances. In any case, sessions with a trainer will eat up a certain part of your budget, so before you choose a coach, you need to decide how much money you’re willing to spend on it.

Don’t buy into a lot of subscribers

Coaches who have a lot of followers on Instagram, are in high demand, but it does not indicate their professionalism. Many great coaches do not use SEO in social networks, they just do their job and do it very well.

On the profile of Instagram it is possible to assess the physical fitness of the coach and the beauty of his body, but not the level of professional skills.
Make sure the qualifications of the coach

Anyone can call themselves a professional of high level, but not everyone is ready to confirm his words documented. Highly sought after trainers with higher education and a diploma in health. By studying a diploma of a potential trainer, do not be lazy to check the availability of accreditation from the issuing educational institution. Are welcome certificates from major organizations in the field of sports.

To determine the competence of

Each personal trainer works in a certain direction, for example, some spetsializiruyutsya to work with the elderly or persons with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Specialty coach needs to fit your condition and goals.

Personal check will work

Coach and client should feel comfortable and confident, but the coach is the same person, has not been canceled personal sympathies or antipathies. Work with a personal trainer is not the main, but the mandatory selection criteria, for verification conducted trial training.

Look, what you are asking

A professional coach will not be able to compile the program until you ask the person a series of questions about his state of health, nutrition, previous experience in the sport. He asks do you take any medication, how active in your daily life, how to carry the load. The absence of these issues indicates a lack of professionalism.

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