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7 signs of a bad coach

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Unfortunately, professional trainers less than those who call themselves so. If your Manager exhibits one of these signs, then he is not a professional. You need to change the coach.

To determine how a professional coach can be difficult, but in some cases, the fact of the lack of professionalism is obvious. If your trainer fits under at least one of these symptoms, then it is unlikely to result.

Cancellation and postponement of training

If the coach cancels and regularly takes training, it speaks not only about the lack of punctuality and respect for the client. Professionals have a clear schedule, they always come to the workplace well in advance so that at the appointed hour to be ready to conduct training.

Deviations from the schedule

Achieving fitness goals is impossible without scheduling, and follow him. Success only comes to consistent people, this applies not only to sports. If the coach works with you without the program or permanently deviates from the existing schedule, such cooperation will not bring results.

Eating during working hours

No matter what is an appetite to be used – toasted whole-wheat bread with peanut butter or a Burger from the nearest fast food joint, the professionals do not. Professionalism in fitness begins with a personal adherence to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, if the coach sticks to them, you will not starve and will provide a break for a meal between classes.

Communication with other visitors and coaches

If the trainer is working personally with you, then your safety on the time of classes is in his hands. You don’t want to entrust their safety to the person, which is endlessly distracted by the communication with other visitors and members of the club.

A professional coach will not come off even if you see a classmate, whom I haven’t seen for over ten years.
Classes for children

The situation in which the coach comes to work with a child, it seems funny, but everything you encountered it, do not want to laugh. Gym with free weights and other hazards – this is no place for a child. And you didn’t belong with a coach who is constantly distracted by their child.

Distraction on a smartphone

If the kids in the halls there are truly rare, it is a smartphone in the hands of the coach has become so commonplace that customers do not see this as a violation. A smartphone is a distraction, a professional will not talk on the phone, read messages and respond to them during training.

The lack of diversity

The coach should not only give the client the program and monitor its execution and be interested in his ward, to give him motivation. If your workouts seem boring, tell me about it coach, and if he ignores this fact, before you Amateur.

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