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7 secrets from those who live fitness

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Beginners are not well informed and do not have an unbiased view about fitness. Many of these secrets may seem simple, but their realization can take many weeks and even months.

In order to be in shape, you have to combine two habits – regular exercise and proper nutrition, this is the essence of fitness. Beginners in the world of fitness do not have high awareness, they go a long way with the right decisions and mistakes, learn from their experience. The truth of these secrets will confirm everyone who lives at the hotel. They may seem simple, but the realization of each secret a beginner can take many weeks and even months.

Without good equipment it will not work

For a comfortable and effective workout, you need good clothes and shoes. Good does not mean from the latest collection of trendy manufacturer, which means high quality and comfortable. Shoes and each garment needs to fulfil its purpose.

Quick miracles do not happen

Beginners in fitness will enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror after each workout, they expect instant results. But only experienced people know that miracles fitness does not happen.

Elastic muscle and trim figure come with long-term adherence to exercise and proper nutrition.
You need to follow the rules of the hall

In any room there are explicit and implicit rules. With the official rules you will introduce the staff, first and foremost is safety while working on equipment. In order to see the unwritten rules, observe the behavior of other visitors, you will see how they share the equipment, clean the shells in place, keep clean.

At the first training all awkward

Don’t think you’re the only newbie in training, which is now awkward. Even the most confident person knows that this awkwardness when you first visit the new class. Embrace your awkwardness as a temporary phenomenon, soon you’ll adjust and even be able to help other newcomers.

Exercise bring discomfort

Exercise should not cause severe pain, but some discomfort will always be present. In order to succeed, you need to throw your body challenge in each lesson. The body will respond with discomfort and ache, but getting better, stronger, tougher.

To change the program very important

When you select a particular program is important to adhere to it for some time, but it is equally important to periodically change the program. New program – this is the challenge for the body, besides, variety will not let you get bored.

The break in training is a bad idea

In order to achieve any result, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. A long break in training pushes your goal for an indefinite period of time, destroying all previous progress. To return to training after the break will be harder than fitness for the first time.

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