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7 reasons to do some stretches every day

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7 reasons to do some stretches every day

The contents

  • Stretching against stress
  • Hitch after strenuous exercise
  • Flexibility
  • Grace
  • Healthy joints
  • A minimum of contraindications

Want to have a graceful posture, beautiful neck and slender figure? To achieve this will help stretching. It is important to develop flexibility from an early age – so you will not only improve their quality of life and physique, but also can avoid many problems in the elderly. As they grow older the person, the tendons lose their elasticity and it becomes more difficult to perform simple motions in everyday life. But if you still believe that the plastic and the rubber body – portion of gymnasts and dancers, MedAboutMe will change your view on stretching.

Stretching against stress

Some stretching exercises help to relieve stress, relieve nervous tension and improve mood. Stretching is a kind of meditation. At a slow pace, focusing on your breathing, you are performing static or dynamic exercise. Mind at this moment is concentrated only on the sensations in the body and is freed from extraneous thoughts and all problems. In addition, any physical activity improves cognitive ability, memory and helps to normalize sleep. Stretching will be a perfect preparation for sleep or discharge after a busy day. Not necessarily the first workout to conquer the twine or complex handstands – start with healing exercise that does not require serious physical training. Build up skill and move on to more complicated exercises.

Hitch after strenuous exercise

After strength training in the gym muscles can hurt for a few days. To speed up the recovery will help the stretching. After the lesson, take some time to stretching. This will help to regenerate damaged muscle fibres and reduce the discomfort. But the pre-workout stretch is not necessary – it will reduce strength and may even lead to injury. Note the pattern: pre-workout – articular exercises after exercises – deep stretching of the body.


Stretching helps to create a supple and flexible body. You will forget about muscle clamps and feel more comfortable. We often sit at the computer, the TV or using gadgets. At this time our spine is under heavy load. One had neck issues after a series of marathon? To get rid of back pain, back and neck will help regular workout on flexibility. You will be able to do the cleaning to reach the top shelf of the cupboard or play volleyball, or harassed after that pulling pain in the whole body.

Beautiful muscle

Fans of strength training is often neglected stretching. And a very good reason! Strength training with weight can make a figure rough and chunky. This is especially true of the female body. If you don’t aim for squat and muscled figure, stretch muscles. Then your body will look more harmonious and elegant, and even the large muscles will look beautiful. Add to your training program yoga, Pilates or stretching, in order to work towards a perfect figure.


A couple of simple exercise will make your posture graceful and neck long and beautiful. We are excited about ballerinas and gymnasts, marveling at the smoothness and aesthetics of each movement of their body. The secret is flexibility. They know their body can Express all that you want. But even if you’re not dancing, stretching should become a mandatory part of your training program. You will improve coordination, learn how to work with your body, will be able to beautifully and naturally to move. Bonus – an easy and elegant gait.

Healthy joints

A sedentary lifestyle leads to various diseases, including arthritis, degenerative disc disease and scoliosis. In the future these diseases have a negative impact on the functioning of the whole organism, especially the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Exercise the joints daily, it will improve blood circulation, increase the elasticity of muscles and joints.

If you have a sedentary job you are at risk. Pinched nerves, aching pain in the cervical or lumbar spine can cause migraines, dizziness, blackouts and even cause fainting. Pay close attention to their health. Be sure to take breaks in computer work – every 40 minutes get up from the table and exercise. Mash the joints and muscles. Tell us about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle to my colleagues. Many responsible employers in the offices create a special room for exercise and even invite trainers, yoga for their employees. And not only care about the health of subordinates. Scientific studies have shown that exercise during the day and short breaks at work can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the. Fit and healthy employee will perform any task better and faster than its tired counterpart, running the thing over a Cup of coffee. So appreciate a holiday is not a waste of time, as an indispensable work aid and work.

A minimum of contraindications

Stretching can be practiced at any age. This is a useful and safe exercise. Of course, we are not talking about the professional gymnastics or classical ballet classes. For each level of training has its own training. If you are an experienced athlete, you’ll fit classes stretching in the paintings, yoga in hammocks, body ballet classes or for stretching for advanced. Newcomers better to go to gymnastics or to try special exercises adapted for office workers.

Do not wait for the string from the first lesson. In stretching plays a major role discipline and regularity of training sessions, then progress will not keep itself waiting. It is important not to hurry and not to compromise safety. Torn ligaments and tendons will not add you nor beauty, nor health, but can permanently close the door to the gym. You must check with the coach if during exercise you feel pain. When stretching is not to avoid discomfort, if you are aiming to radically increase flexibility in your body, but severe pain should alert you. It is possible that you are performing the exercise incorrectly or too early increased the difficulty of the workout. In fact, your body is not so important, do you have to be able to stand on the bridge or doing a somersault. Health and wellbeing will be enough daily moderate stretching. Remember that even the most spectacular bridge or twine are not worth the discomfort and disability.

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