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7 principles of healthy eating in winter

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and in winter, protected by a warm coat, food follow the same principle. In cold weather the food should be warm, nutrient-rich, buttery (avocado, nuts, homemade unsalted cheese — Adyghe, oil) to provide energy and strengthen the immune system.

Rule # 1

70% of immunity is in the gut so to maintain health you want to minimize the fermentation processes. Eliminate all legumes, raw vegetables (they are better baked in the oven), alcohol, juice and soda. Prefer cakes without yeast.

Rule # 2

In a dish, add a “warming” spice. Turmeric, cloves, fennel suitable for roasting vegetables and sauces. Thyme, rosemary, tarragon for fish, meat and poultry. Cinnamon use in baking and hot drinks. Spices not only enrich the taste of food, but will also support the body in difficult winter.

Rule # 3

Include in the daily diet of hot soup. Sonye options — thick minestrone, and pumpkin, carrot, beet puree with vegetable milk. Soups fill you up quickly and warm the body, maintain acid-alkaline balance.

Rule # 4

There is good news! The daily minimum of calories in the winter you need to increase 200-300 calories by the inclusion of “active” protein — lean meat, fish, poultry. It is not necessary to reduce the physical load, otherwise you will gain weight.

Chicken breast with stewed vegetables
The press service of the Verba Mayer

Rule # 5

In the cold we are experiencing a shortage of “solar” vitamin D. He takes part in the synthesis of dopamine is our emotions, mood, motivation and energy. Vitamin D supports the body in fighting inflammation and infections that is super important in cold and flu season! The magic of vitamin a lot of fat sea fish, eggs, cod liver oil, yolk of chicken eggs and flax seed oil (an excellent replacement for the olive in the winter).

Rule # 6

In order not to be depressed in the winter, to feel vitality and sleep, you need the tryptophan. This is a powerful cocktail of serotonin (the”happy hormone”) and melatonin (“hormone of youth”). Turkey, rabbit, fish, seafood and seaweed, nuts, cheese and curd improve mood.

Unsalted cottage cheese
The press service of the Verba Mayer

Rule # 7

In the diet it is advisable to limit foods that contain excess fructose. It often causes fermentation processes with subsequent inflammation of the intestine. Reduce the amount of pear, mango, grapes, persimmons, dates, raisins and prunes. If you want something “tasty”, it is best to choose berries, tangerines, kiwi, ripe bananas and pineapples.

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