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7 lifehacks that will help you to lose weight for the New years without harm to health

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that really works to reduce caloric intake by reducing the intake of simple carbohydrates. Do not eat sweet and flour. Uncontrolled absorption of fruits and frequent snacking nuts and biscuits will also have to be deleted. Now the basis of your food should be lean protein foods and fresh vegetables.

2. Add in the diet of foods with polyunsaturated fats (omega-3, -6, -9): avocado, pine nuts, salmon, Flaxseed oil. They are able to improve the condition of skin, give it a fresh, rested appearance, strengthen the cardiovascular system and speed up the process of weight reduction. But it should be remembered that the quantity of these foods should be limited. And eat them only for Breakfast!

3. Your assistant in the process of losing weight can become sports nutrition. Protein as an additional protein source would bring it to the required number and variety of tastes will allow you to be in a good mood during the day. L-carnitine will speed up the process of weight loss, a multivitamin will help you to stay in shape and provide the body with necessary trace elements.

4. Don’t forget the water! Tea, coffee, juices don’t count. First, clean water promotes rapid lipid metabolism, therefore extra weight will begin to melt before our eyes. Second, the toxins and wastes present in the body, go the natural way. In addition, clean drinking water is the health of the cardiovascular, genitourinary and digestive systems. Recommended standard — up to two liters a day.

5. Get motivated! Let celebrity photos, figures which give you the rapture will be everywhere: on the fridge (once again, you will not open), phone or on the computer. It will withstand all challenges and to achieve the desired result. As often as possible think of yourself exactly the way you want to be. It really works!

6. Sign up finally in a fitness club! Go there if not every day then every other day. Series of strength training in the gym with cardio. You should not torment yourself with many hours of classes, quite 40 minutes of weights and 30 minutes cardio to bring the body in perfect condition for the minimum of time. If for some reason you can’t go to the gym, then just stick to home.

7. Keep sleep — try to go to bed and get up at the same time day by day. Remember that it is necessary to sleep not less than seven hours. During sleep, secretes the growth hormone somatotropin, which is the main hormone of fat burning. Besides, at night we have very few calories, and the correct physical exercise is capable to provide the tone of the muscles that require recovery. A peaceful and healthy sleep — the key to weight loss is a great state not only nervous, but also the muscular system.

Text: Alexander Filimonov, a doctor, nutritionist, consultant, NL

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