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7 foods that prevent you achieve a flat stomach

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1. Apples and pears

In fact, do not blame only them, but also plums and peaches, but the latter is still less common in the daily menu. In all of them too much fructose, which causes fermentation, and sometimes invisible you feel. And because of the fermentation, the stomach swells!

2. Sodium

Foods rich in sodium cause the body to retain more water and accumulate it in the sphere of the peritoneum. Be especially careful of canned food!

3. Cabbage

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower — they all contain raffinose, a type of sugar that is extremely difficult broken down by the body. Replace Kale with spinach — use the same, less problems!

4. Milk

Particularly harmful foam in a cappuccino or latte for good, it would be better to abandon the milk, as lactose flatulence increases and digestion is getting worse.

5. Legumes

Flatulence — their middle name. Mind you, it’s not only about the peas, but also about beans, and lentils about fashion.

6. Bread

Even if you choose the correct grain and flour, it causes extra insulin production, insulin breaks down sugar and carefully fold them in your tummy.

7. Potatoes

Even boiled, the potato has the ability to absorb a lot of liquid, you begin to experience unreasonable thirst, and swelling not long to wait. About the French fries will not speak. You don’t eat this stuff?

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