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7 fitness recommendations for women

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Fitness for women has its own characteristics, a woman different from a man at the level of physiology and psychology. If you want fitness classes was successful, follow these tips.

Woman is different from men not only in physiology, but also on a psychological level, therefore, female fitness should be organized according to special principles. If you want your fitness to be effective, organize them in accordance with these recommendations.

A program that will fit

Fitness program must be suitable to you, not only by gender but also according to personal characteristics. You can choose the best program, but if it does not fit, classes will not lead to a good result. If you’re not planning to engage with a personal trainer on a regular basis, then hire him at least for a few sessions to get the direction of the course.

The wrong fitness program will lead to frustration and the rejection of fitness.
Goals that are realistic

If you were to imagine the complete transformation of the body for a month, at the end of this month you will meet with a perfect body and a strong disappointment. Make sure the goal is realistic, and it will save you from frustration. If the goal requires a long time to achieve, then break it into small blocks. Reaching every small goal you can be proud of themselves.

Exercises that work

Fitness is not just performing random exercises, choice of exercises should be approached very thoroughly. A large part of the exercise should be aimed at major muscle groups, the more muscle involved the more calories will be spent. For women optimal mnogocwetnye exercises and work with weights.

Load, which is enough

Over the muscles need to work systematically, laying on them sufficient load. You must maintain a fitness log or note in the application on the smartphone training Protocol. The diary should indicate the number of repetitions and weight used when you feel to carry the current level of loads is made easier, the weight and number of repetitions should be increased.

Replays that you control

Start doing each exercise with ten repetitions, do each repetition is slow and deliberate. During exercise your limbs should not move by inertia, every move must be controlled, you should feel how tense your muscles are.

Stretching is mandatory

To perform more advanced exercises you need to be flexible. Stretching exercises – it’s a nice variety, they will complement any training program. Increase body flexibility will help you to overcome fears of challenging exercises.

Motivation that does not wane

The best way to stay productive and not to stop there is to keep the motivation at a high level. As a training program, motivation individually. Your motivation should be long-term, do not lose their relevance over time.

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